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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Chat Rules

Chat Rules of DarkSwords

The following list of rules has been worked out by the Administration and the moderators of the game DarkSwords. These rules are obligatory to be followed by all participants of the game. By entering the game you automatically agree to follow these rules.

If you act against these rules you will be punished. This applies to anything said by your character in game. Punishment can be anything from some time of not being able to chat up to an IP ban for severe violations. All violations are subject to be punished by either the moderators or the Administrator.

Public chat is all open chat, including Gra, Trade and Religion chat, in this chat the following is forbidden: (Examples given in the list below are not limitative.)

The first and most important rule of DarkSwords is:

Moderators and the representatives of DS Adminstration have absolute power and their acions are not to be discussed in any kind of in-game chat. If you violate this rule you will receive a minimum punishment of 15 minutes of your chat being disabled.

In return, if any staff violate the rules, their mute time will be doubled.

Rudeness to moderators or Administration will not be tolerated: if you are upset or frustrated no need to let it out on moderators as they need to focus on the chat. MP: 15 minutes Silence.

If you feel punished unfairly you may voice your dissatisfaction in the Complaint section of in a manner that follows the forum rules (you need to be registered in order to access this section).

Please note that the following list displays the minimum punishment (referred to as MP in the rest of the text) for each violation. Repeated violations will lead to harder punishment. Time of punishment will increase with each offense. The Administration also reserves the right to ban a character or an IP in case of multiple violations.

The following is forbidden in Public Chat:

Other languages in Open - MP: 15 minutes Silence.

The official languages of this server are English and Russian. It is forbidden to use other languages in open chat, this includes gra, trade chat and religion chat. If you want to talk another language you are free to do so in Private Chat, Clan or Alliance Chat.

Trolling/Provoking - MP: 15 minutes Silence.

You are not allowed to troll or provoke other players. You may chat and make jokes as long as it has no negative affect on the atmosphere of the game such to moderator's discretion Examples of trolling: Deliberately provoking another player via cynical or sarcastic remarks. Logging in with another alt and ask questions about the game you already know. Baiting others to send an angry or offensive response to you.

Flooding - MP: 15 minutes Silence.

You are not allowed to post similar messages more than once every 60 seconds. Posting letters in seperate messages which together form a word is also considered flooding.

Symbol Flood - MP: 15 minutes Silence.

You are not allowed to Flood Symbols. The following is considered Symbol Flood:

Using more than six symbols of a kind is considered symbol flood. For example when you write: "Help me please!!!!!!" that sentence would be considered symbol flood.

There is an exception to the rule. When group of three dots are used repeatedly in one line this is not symbol flood. For example „Hmm...I don't know...might be tricky!“ This is not considered symbol flood.

Smiley Flood - MP: 15 minutes Silence.

You are not allowed to Flood Smileys. The following is considered Smiley Flood:

Posting of more than three smileys in a line is considered smiley flood. Also the number tags like * 001 * and symbols like :P and so on are considered smileys (please be advised, that moderators may ask you to stop excessive smiley use in order to improve chat performance, if their request is ignored it will be considered as flood).

Capital Letters (Caps) - MP: 15 minute Silence.

You are not allowed to excessively use capital letters. The following explains what is allowed or not with Caps:

The use of more than Three words in capital letters is forbidden.

Its against the rules to write long names (even if the existing character name consist of all capital letters) or places with all caps in Common chat. Its only necessary to capitalize the first letter.

Capsing the first letter of every word in a sentence is ok, while capsing several letters in more than one word (example: „HoLy MoLy, ThIs RoCkS!“) is again considered capsing.

Trade messages - MP: 15 minutes Silence.

Messages concerning trade are not allowed in Common Chat. Further restrictions and rules concerning will follow later in the text. Posting in open chat "look at trade chat" is allowed, but not in other words than just mentioned.

References to illegal drugs - MP: 15 minute Silence.

Illegal drug references are not allowed. An illegal substance is one that causes addiction or a marked change in consciousness.

Inappropriate comments - MP: 15 min silence.

Any type of sexual talk, Unsuitable talk for an online game,sexual inuendo and or references, sexism, Any talk that is not appropriate for children.

Veilded Cursing/swearing - MP: 15 min silence.

you are not allowed to use any type of "veiled" swearwords to swear in open chat, or you will get 15 minutess of silence for inappropriate comments.

Rudeness, Insults - MP: 15 minutes Silence.

You are not allowed to to use rudeness or any type of insults to another player. Futhermore, you will be punished for insulting others. If the rudeness is not pointed directly to another player MP 5 minutes silence, if directly pointed to another player, MP 15 minutes silence, in case of extreme rudeness, MP is 1 hour silence if directly pointed to another players family, MP is 3 hours silence.

Foul language - MP: 15 minutes Silence.

Cursing/swearing are not allowed in public chats. Any type of of profane or obscene oath or word will be a punishment of 15 minutes of silence.

Discussion of moderator's actions: MP: 15 minutes Silence.

If you disagree with a moderator's decision, please post your complaint on forum in appropriate section or contact one of the main moderators in game. You are allowed to ask for the reason of a mute on an alt chararacter, but only in private chat.

Rudeness to Staff - MP: 15 minutes Silence.

If continueing on alt or after the 15 minutes silence, MP is 3 hours silence. Staff includes moderators, Helpers, Traders, Dealers and Pastors.


Staff Harassment - MP: 15 minutes silence.

Using multiple characters to get around mutes;
Rudeness to Moderators;
Flooding a Moderator in any form, including:
  • sending plat mail repeatedly
  • pro’ing and unpro’ing
  • smiley and symbol flooding
  • flooding with trade request

GRA (world chat) rules -.

Swearing in GRA - MP:1 hour
Rudeness insults - MP: 60 minutes silence, in case of extreme rudeness, MP is 3 hours silence. If directly pointed to another players family, MP is 6 hours Silence
Flooding - MP: 30 minutes
Outside links in gra which are not ds related - MP 1 hour, youtube links are allowed if the content is not racist, discriminatory or sexual, such to moderators decretion.

Continuted offending from a characters alt's will result in additional time being issued for mutes, to the maximum of 24 hours. All other GRA offences are at the moderators discretion.

(Please note that violations in Gra messages are subject to double the punishment.)

Distributing Links:

You are allowed to post links to external websites that are related to darkswords. For example if the link contains a screenshot or a picture used in darkswords..
Only staff (dealers, traders, pastors, moderators, helpers, and admin) are allowed to post a link to their website, which MUST provide service. This link must be posted from the said staff account or the punishment will be received.
Youtube links are allowed if the content is not racist, discriminatory or sexual, or of an offensive nature. This is up to moderators decretion. Please leave 15 minutes between youtube links. Posting additional youtube links sooner will result in 15 minute silence.
We differentiate between kinds of links which will be punished at a different degree:
  • External General Links which are not DS related MP: 15 minute silence.
  • External Media Links of an offensive nature MP: 3 hour silence and reported to Admin/Main Moderator.
  • Youtube links related to other MMORPGs MP: 15 minute silence, if in Gra or trade chat MP 60 minute silence.
  • External Game Links MP: 24 hour silence and reported to Admin/Main Moderator.
  • External Links with sexual or other harmful content MP: 24 hours Silence, and a report to Admin/Main Moderator.
  • Recruitment to other mmorg games in any chat is forbiden will result in MP: 24 hours Silence and report to Admin/Main Moderator.

Real Life Threats:

Real Life Threats will NOT be tolerated and will lead to your character being reported to Admin/Main Moderator, who has a right to ban or send to katorga. MP 24 hours silence

Selling characters:

Selling characters is forbidden. If caught, the character will be reported to Admin/Main Moderator, who will act accordingly. MP 24 hours silence.

Racial Remarks:

Racist comments are not tolerated in any chat. MP: 24 hour silence and report to Admin/Main Moderator, who has a right to ban or sent to katorga.

Discriminatory comments/remarks:

Any form of harassment, or comments containing hate, targeted towards a particular group sharing a common trait. MP: 24 hour silence and report to Admin/Main Moderator.

The following is allowed in Public Chat:

Everything that is not forbidden is allowed in Public Chat. Be smart, be nice, and no one will have a problem with you, likewise, you will not have a problem with anyone else.

The following is forbidden in Private Chat:

Please note, if you receive any violations in Private Chat you want to forward to Admin/Main Moderator, please take a screenshot as proof. Only cases where screenshots are provided can be punished.

Distribution of harmful or unwelcomed links: MP: 24 hours Silence.

Sale of Characters: MP: 24 hours Silence and report to Admin/Main Mod.

Sale of items not related to DS (e.g. sale of underwear, apartments, ...): MP: 24 hours mute and report to Admin/Main Mod.

Racial Remarks: MP: 24 hours Silence and report to Admin/Main Mod.

Real life threats: MP: 24 hour Silence and report to Admin/ Main Mod.

Discriminatory comments/remarks: MP: 24 hour Silence and report to Admin/ Main Mod.

Extreme rudeness: if the rudeness is directed at you MP 15 minutes silence. If the rudeness is directed at a family member MP 3hours silence. It is up to moderators discretion if the private message will be considered as rudeness.

The following rules apply to Trade Chat:

In Trade Chat all rules for Common Chat apply if not specified otherwise in this section.

All messages related to trades have to be written in Trade Chat (messages of purchase, sale, chargeable services and others).

Non-trade messages (except clan recruiting) are not allowed in Trade Chat as Common and Private Chat may be used for this. MP: 15 minute Silence.

Sale of Platinum for NON-GAME MONEY NOT allowed in any form of chat. 24 hours mute and report to Admin/Main Moderator.

Mixed messages about Trades and Buffs are to be written in Trade Chat.

Cursing in trade is now considered the same as cursing in GRA. MP: 1 hour silence.

Rudeness insults in trade - MP: 1 hour silence.

Outside links in trade - MP: 1 hour silence.

Mixed messages about Trades and Private/Non-Trade issues are not allowed in either Common or Trade Chat. MP: 15 minutes Silence.

Restrictions on nicknames:

It is forbidden to use nicknames including offensive or foul language. MP: ban of the character. Moderators and the Administrator define what is offensive and what not.

This rule applies to names of pets as well.

It is forbidden pose yourself as active game players using similar names in phonotation and pronounciation. In case of complaints from players moderators and Administration reserve the right to silence the character in question for 24 hours and then ban them.

Further information on rules and sales:

If you suspect somebody of religion cheating please take a screenshot and send it to Admin/Main Moderator. Upon receiving those screenshots the Administrator will investigate each case individually.

If a player is caught using bots, macros or other means to be able to hunt while actually being away from keyboard that character will be send to Jail. The sentence will be negotiated in each case individually.

Flooding with trade requests or protection will not be tolerated and will lead to a visit in Jail.

Abuse of report function:

Do not report any private, clan, religion, or clan land messages unless they contain either real life threats or racist comments. To do so will earn you a 15 minute silence.

Do not report offences if the player has already been muted for that offence. To do so will earn you a 15 minute silence.


Giving out personal information in common chat:

your own: 30 minutes (first names are ok);

someone else's: 3 hrs.

Personal info includes real life names (not first), location and or personal information about a players life. Be careful what you give out online, this goes for both outside and inside DarkSwords.EU.

By location, it is meant an exact location that can be used to find a particular person (such as an exact address).

For example, phrases such as Hi, my name is Alex, and I am from Canada are not considered a violation of this rule.

Religion Chat: If reported, or seen by an religion active mod, any offences that break the normal chat rules will be treated the same as offences in open chat.

Please, read and follow the rules and take the advice we are giving you. It makes gameplay enjoyable for everybody. Enjoy playing DarkSwords and have a nice day!

Your DS Administration

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