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Dark Swords Support Service Connection

To contact support service use the support ticket system. Please indicate your contact details and e-mail in message text, so that we could inform you about your question or problem solution status and progress. Online support is provided by means of instant messaging (ICQ UIN 355-568-880). You can also use the form below to send messages about game faults, suggestions and wishes.

Complains and petitions

If you wish to resolve your problems as fast as possible, then send a petition. Your letter will only be viewed by You, administration and head moderator of server, you can rest assured that your letter will not drown in our "mail box".

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E-mail adresses of Dark Swords - questions about site, its design should be sent to this address. - discovered bugs, software part imperfection should be sent to this address. - write here, if you'd like to get special unique opportunities in our world. - send questions, answers to which you unsuccessfully trying to find on this site and in game. - write on commercial questions, related to working out, advertising in game and advertising game itself. - for clan registration,clan questions.

Ticket System

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Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA


Ruby Fort
14:30 05/03
Black Town
14:31 05/03

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