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1. In Anubis shop you can find 2 h 100% flowers;
2. In Mars Token Shop some prices were reduced



Dear players,

As you may know, WHO (World Health Organization) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on Wednesday, Mar. 11th. We’d like to let you know we are thinking about our players and want to make sure everybody is staying healthy.

We also want to treat those who are currently helping to fight the pandemic, such as health and social service workers. We are extremely grateful for you, therefore we would like to offer you a nice bonus! All you have to do is to contact us through Technical Support with any evidence of your work ‘’on the front line’’, it could be a picture of your badge, a selfie from your workplace, etc.

Your health and well-being are our first priority. Please take care of yourself and your families during this time.

Also, there is Ligras for everyone! Prices are reduced in zenny shop and emeralds shop! Everyone who will buy zenny till 6 of April will get 20% bonus on their purchase!

And bonuses will be active till the 6th of April!



1. In Arkijah Scribe Shop 1 you can find new scrolls for blacksmith oil, return to beacon and mass return to beacon
2. Some prices in zenny shop was changed. The religion exp pot was moved to emerald shop and now it give 2000 religion exp.
3. Blacksmith oil does not restore double durability on arts, for double durability later will be added x2 blacksmith oil in lotto



1. In Arkijah Scribe Shop 1 was added scrolls for mass teleports;
2. Bakens are disabled in Forgotten Lands;
3. Pegasus was fixed;
4. Profession level now affects the old extractor and old furnace


Good start of Spring!

Dear players!
The russian news can be found here

A new CONTINENT has appeared in the world of DarkSwords - Forgotten Lands!
It consists of 8 regions, there is not such levels of monsters in the game from 1000 to 2000.
The Potion of Divine Empathy does not work in this region. All monsters are aggressive.
On this continent you will find 7 unique monsters from which the keys fall. From these keys, you can brew the "Key to Mars." You will find the scroll in the zenny shop for 1 zenny. To new region you can get from the port at location 7600.

YES YES, Mars returns with new elixirs! Mars lives in the Moray region, at location 21177. After killing Mars, the group teleports to the star of the Desert Castle. And after entering the location, the key will disappear!
You can get to Mars only with a key! The continent is large enough, and very hard monsters so do not go there without group!
As before, the “Mars Token” drops out from Mars (only to people who are in the group!), and there is also a chance to get weapon modifier potion. It enhances your weapons from 1.0 to 1.5!
To improve your weapons you need to put your weapons and potion in the laboratory.
The chance to get 1.5 modifier potion from Mars is 3%.
The rest of the unique monsters drop scrolls on elixirs (Divine Reward, Divine Absorption, Divine Empathy, Divine Reflection, Unsurpassed Accuracy, Divine Generosity and Encouragement).
You will find all needed ingredients in the scrolls.
Removed the ability to put bakens on this continent.

TIP: use a potion of Divine Absorption !!! Monsters are very strong!

Zodiac changes:
All scrolls that were dropped from unique monsters on the Zodiac, now also drop from simple monsters in their homes, but with a lower chance. Also added the "Remove of Exhaustion" scroll.

Pt shop changes:
Teleports, mass teleports, and blacksmith oil are removed!

Zenny shop changes:
Removed all PVP and PVE chests!
Resists of "lightning", "fire", "cold" are removed, the scrolls on these elixirs are also removed.

All that has been removed from the stores remains in the game! If you bought some items before the update, they remain with you!

Emerald shop changes:
Added x2 chance drop from Mars
Weapon modifier x1.5 added
Added 1% wedding bonus (maximum percentage = 20%. It cannot be used when you buy this elixir, you need to contact the administration to add this bonus)
All flowers are packed in a chest

Changes in the Mars shop:
Elixirs 540, 60, 80 cost 2 tokens
Emerald flowers added
Bonus Subscription Added (5days)
Added x2 chance drop from Mars
Added 1% wedding bonus (maximum percentage = 20%. It cannot be used when you buy this elixir you need to contact the administration to add this bonus)

Changes in the work of elixirs:
Amphora time reduced from 10 seconds to 6
Delicious Fish Broth now does not give a full buffs but gives 2 random magic resist with 50 seconds cooldown
Elixir of Divine Reflection now reflects damage to monsters several times more
Antidotes can be used even when you are not tranquilized
Potions with effects: Potion of Divine Intervention, Elixir of Divine Encouragement, Anti-Locator, Insurance, Awareness, Divine Empathy can be used even if such an effect is already on the character. The duration of the effect will be added up.

Server Changes:
The following caps were removed - damage, gold, experience, religious experience
All arenas were removed! Some arenas will be placed in clan castles, exact information will be given later.

Starting today, the game has a new price list of services!
Avatar = 50 zenny (35 server fee + 15 picture).
Clan = 300 zenny + 15 picture.
Shop = 300 zenny personal, 600 zenny family, 900 zenny clan.
Store owner ship change = 60 zenny, 120, 180.
Change of nickname = 35 zenny.
Level reduce = 1 zenny per level.
Full background with artifacts (Doll) = 30 emeralds.
Wedding = 100 zenny.
Fullart picture on artifacts = 250 zenny.
Craft Teleport = 20 Emeralds per Scroll (20 uses).
You can also order a personal castle! Negotiable price with Crasotkavika or TOR.

We want to thank all the players for being with us in DarkSwords world, and give out a small gift to all the players!
Thank you for being with us, we love you!

And a few more words about how the game will develop in the future:
Due to the not very good position in the game economy, we will not have a gold lotto anymore!
The next lottos will be for zenny and for emeralds, and will be completely identical! The difference in them will be only in percentage!
We will improve the PVE by adding scrolls to some items that cannot get without lottery!

The following changes will be aimed to make regions owning more actual!

Until March 23, the following bonuses will be active:
x2 damage, x2 experience, x2 religious experience, x2 professional experience and infinite strength of PVE!


Poker Quest Results for February

I place -imagination, Mers, Iskander, DEATH NOTE

II place - Schanaya, imagination, mogar

III place - Gandar, Cute Cougar

Thank you for participating!



1. Light of Messiah now gives 30 minute of sanctuary;
2. 1 dispell removes only 10 minutes of sanctuary;
3. After voting license to kill won't show who used it and the cooldown before kill is only 10 seconds;


International Women Day, March of 8

Administration of DarkSwords congratulates our lovely ladies on the 8th of March - the International Women's day, wishing you: a sea of positive emotions, crowds of generous and never boring fans, smiles, warmth, and light. Be gentle and kind to your women they deserve it.

During all event, ladies will get x3 damage;
Zenny sales - everyone who will buy zenny will get +20% or purchase
Every day at 11:30, 17:30, 23:30 and 05:30 on the Tharassos will be Chamomile drop, that time 25 flowers will be dropped somewhere in ds world. When they will be dropped you will see gra message - "The rain of flowers lit up our world!".
You have to collect flowers and change them after for different rewards. They can be changed by Florist in Arkajah start to extra bonus pots, Religion bonus pot x2, Great Goddess Generosity 24h , 2h flower, sphere or pet Kaktys, which is similar to FireFly.
During 8 of march chamomile will drop also at random time. Also everyone, who will be online druing 8 of march will get extra present!

Great Goddess Generosity and Herbalism pots do not have cooldown anymore.
Event will last till Tuesday, march 10.

Your Administration



We want to say thanks for the hospitality to Viriato21! Minerva Temple now is closed again and Mars disappeared.
But do not worry, he will come back to us, with more pots in his shop soon!

1. In Arkijah Scribe Shop 1 are added different scrolls on runes;
2. All new scrolls are moved to Arkijah Scribe Shop 3 on location 2013;
3. Everyone who will be awarded for Religion season this month, will get cups at the month end.
Cups will give 6-4-2% on hp and mp, and 30-20-10% to religion exp! The bonuses will be out of cap!



1. Orc racial ability now gives x1.2 damage at "disemboweled";
2. Elf backstab was increased;
3. Elf damage was increased.

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Ticket System

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Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA


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14:30 05/03
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