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Time to say goodbye

Hello dear players
Tomorrow is the 1st of May, when the game ceases to exist. Our company has one more
project - Browser Game 1100AD.
If you are a fan of the Middle Ages and smart strategies, thousands of battles and castle
sieges, we invite you to play 1100AD. This is a classic global strategy game dedicated to the
brightest historical eras of the Middle Ages.

Regards, your administration.
Thank you for being with us all this time til the end!


Time to say goodbye

Dear friends! We are sorry to announce, that Darkswords project has come to an end. We want to thank you all for the years spent together, for having experienced ups and downs with us.
The project will be stopped 01.05.2021, soon you will get some currency, so you can spend this last month with all possibilities, what game gives.

We have been together for 14 years and without you this project would not have been possible, thank you for your support and love!

Your Administration.


Happy Women's Day

Happy Women's Day to all the incredible women! Shine on.... Not just today but everyday! x10 damage, x5 relig, x4 mars! Have a good day!!!


Zodiac rework

Zodiac region was reworked, mobs levels are increased and from zodiac boss mobs you can get item modifier +0.1. It means that now you can make all your personal items up to 1.5!
Also on the zodiac, near to the start you will find clan bar and inn.
All info can be found here

If you do not want to kill the boss, all these pots can be bought in emerald shop!

1. Mars shop prices were increased;
2. Some items price in emerald shop was decreased;
3. Orc resists were decreased;
4. Licence to kill notification was removed;


Happy New Year!

Little changes:

1. Hidden from a list can be bought by 1 emerald (lasts 15 hours);
2. From Mars you can get candy, the one who will have the more amount of candies will get the prize! The prize is x2 token from Mars all year long!
3. As the limit of bonuses was changed to 130%, now the bonus on the emerald flower is 30%, but for mars flowers 20%. So you can use only 2 mars flowers and 1 emeralds flower or 3 emeralds flower. 3 mars flowers can not be used!

Happy New Year, guys! We want to thank you, that you were this year with us, we hope that the new year will bring you only happiness and joy!


New Year is coming!

1. This year we have a new quest in which you can get winter pets which you will have until February 1. Start the quest you can on location 1998, take it from Santa - Winter card deck and Find granddaughter. As a prize you can get 1 pet on select - Yeti (Sphinx), Snow Genie (Genie), Snow Dragon (Martimus Dragon), Snowman(Otter), Santa Reindeer (Crazy Dog) and White Bear(gives x2 relig exp). Quest have a cooldown 1 hour, also you get 50 platinum, 5 zenny, and 1 mars coin, when you open the prize!

2. Dice Event - random times, with random prizes

3. Snowballs which change avi are available in Platinum Shop

4. Discounts on Emeralds - all purchase will get an extra 30% to emeralds amount (will add during 24 hours)

5. Good old Uncle Frost's are back for the event (info here)

6. Reindeers with random prizes every 2 hours are standing on Arkijah star

7. Khortitsa is open, teleport can be bought in Artefact alchemist

8. Christmas Quest with the reward 5day bonus, which you can start also from Santa on Arkijah star

9. On the forum you can find 2 competition with good prizes!

10. Till 4 of January you can purchase the background just for 100 mars tokens!

All events will last till 8 of January

Of course, we will have server bonuses and now we can have
2 shops on one location, but the closest locations to Arkijah will be on auction, other locations will be at the normal price.
Auctions for locations closest to Arkijah will be held on discord.
Auction closes January 4

Additional changes:
1. The size of inn and clan bar is increased;
2. Orc damage is decreased by 10%;
3. Maximum bonus cap was decreased from 150% to 130%;
4. In Arkijah Scroll shop (2013) you can find Super Arkijah Teleport scroll;
5. Bonus on marriage certificate you can increase to 25%, but only by pot from the emerald shop!



We have fixed Damage Reflection. Now maximum Suppression, Absorb, and Damage Reflection is 42%.
Call of Heart now does not work if either character is in battle.


Poker Quest Results

I place - Walt Longmire x2, Mooky, Kir x2, Viriato21 x3, Hellboy jocker, MrZee, CryBaby, GOD_OF_WAR, wowreally, NixH79, Mazello, Xan bek

II place - Dozer_Live, miss elecktra, imagination, Schylla, katana backstab x3, Viriato21, Revive x2, sell it, -Vendetta-, Indecisive, Manny

III place - Zamiah, Lukyy, Hellboy jocker, Under taker, XexperimentX, Houye, -Vendetta-, she hulkster, BRAIN STORM

Thank you for participating!


Black Friday

Today on all zenny orders 20% discount on the tech fee!
All zenny purchases will get 30% more zenny and emeralds (zenny will be added during 24hours)! The calculation is: if you order 110 zenny, which give 11 emeralds, as bonus you will get 33 zenny and 3 emeralds

All purchases made during the period 27.11 - 02.12 10:00(server time) participate in the lottery! The prize is 150 emeralds!

Your Administration



Thanksgiving Day is a public holiday in the United States, celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. This year it falls on November 26th. This is one of the most popular holidays in the country.
The very idea of celebrating autumn and the end of the harvest dates goes back to ancient times and for a long time the holiday had no official status. The first official Thanksgiving Day was declared in 1777 by the Continental Congress. Over the years of its existence, the holiday has developed a number of traditions that Americans sacredly love and preserve. It is customary to celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the house of a family elder together with relatives. The house is decorated with autumn attributes - bouquets of orange, gold, brown chrysanthemums and branches with berries, which represent this year's rich harvest. From this day begins the festive season, which includes Christmas and continues until the New Year.

To celebrate this day ALL bonuses are x2 and active, they will be active till Saturday morning!


We wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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Ticket System

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