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Client fixes and updates:

* Expandable bag slots added (off at the moment);
* Paid pet renaming implemented in game client;
* Shops, inns and bars now use scroll mode instead of page switching (press right mouse button and scroll);
* Up to 10 spell macros are available to players;
* Changes in spell window;
* Fixed players list scroll bug in chat window;
* Fixed ring equipment bug (hand names were mirrored).

All the fixes will take effect upon server restart on July 4th 2013


Impregnability testing

Following changes implemented in test mode:
* Impregnability still doubles life, but doesn't restrain attacking the monsters;
* Impregnability can be switched on and off in combat.


Familiar names

Upon 4th July restart all familiar names will be discarded and you can name your pets again.
New naming rules will apply:
* Only Latin alphabet is allowed;
* Single space per pet name. Name cannot begin or end with space sign;
* 25 characters per name max.


Pet type change

Now you can change type of your pet!
Pets are now joined in families. At the moment only one family including 9 pets is available - every pet from the family can be bought at the Platinum Alchemy shop for 150 pt.
You can change type of the pet within the family - i.e. Manul can be changed to Polar Fox, but you cannot change the Firefly pet.
Personal pet avatars remain intact after the change.


Congratulations to Tib, our new Head Pastor!

Today DS EU team wants to congratulate Tib heartily upon her promotion to Head Pastor position.
We wish you good luck and hope you'll have your fun!



  • Characters under effects of Impregnability (Dwarf racial) will now be able to hit monsters.
  • It is now possible to toggle Impregnability in combat.


Bugfixes - 17.06.2013

  • Previous version of Protect system has been re-implemented; the players now have 95% chance to be protected and the system iterates over every entity in a chain of protects.
  • Failure to protect someone for any reason will now be accompanied by a relevant message.
  • Fixed an issue with FireFly familiar not returning items after death in a PvP battle.


Lots of updates

- Each unique boss will now drop 30 scrolls for Catalysts and Grindstone. These recipes are single-use, but all items created using them will stack. Server can process up to 10 recipes simultaneously.

- The way laboratory works has been updated. You can read more about it at Articles : Alchemy

- Regular, soulbound hearts are available in Alchemy stores for 25 000 gold;

- Mentor experience, who are in clan, will be added to these clans as clan experience. This will happen at the beginning of each week.

- Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Enter will send a message to religion chat.

- You can change your religion once in 7 days. When removing or changing religion, you will not lose religion levels or experience.

- Mentor clans no longer exist.

- Religion experience bonuses while in group are now 20% for each person in group, but no more than 100%. When hunting solo, the player will receive 200% religion experience, but only for killing other players (not monsters).

- Captured lands will give clan experience every day, which is determined by maximum level of monsters in these lands.

- New term introduced – Authority. Authority is used to determine the alliance's place in Alliance rating. Authority is calculated by adding authority of the clans in it. Authority of the clan increases when clan receives battle experience, and reduces when it is lost. Authority of the clan will also be halved if the clan declines a war, or surrenders.

- To declare war, the Authority of the clan must be at least 500; the authority of the clan cannot be negative; the authority of the clan will regenerate every day to 500.

- Clan experience can be received for the following: winning in a clan war, mentor activities, and owning lands. Clan experience is lost if the member of a clan is killed by a member of another clan, who is at war with the first clan.

Several bugs reported in clan system were fixed.


- “Astral Carnival” ability will not increase mana costs for using combat magic.

- Damage reflection will not work on backstab

- Backstab toggle on/off is no longer needed and is removed

- Time to drop into secret halls has been reduced to 1-2 minutes. If you are in the right place, you will get a special message.

- Characters of level 540 will not need regular keys anymore.

-Mortal enemy will be chosen from enemies where the character has their birthplace. If there are no monsters available there, it will be randomly selected in the world.

- Wand creation now uses a universal recipe. To create the want you will need the ingredients listed in the recipe, according to the level which is the closes to the character level (of the character that is trying to make it), as well as an appropriate staff.

- Added a message about having insufficient amount of ingredients for most recipes.

-Using Zodiac Dice in laboratory with the Zodiac item without additional property will give it a random property. Free of charge.

- Using Zodiac Dice in laboratory with a Zodiac item that has additional property will make it switch to a random property. Costs 1 platinum.

- Characters which are in clan and have a profession level 25 can earn their clan some clan experience. If your character is level 25 in any of the professions, they will get one clan experience for each action that is required to level the profession to level 1. Clan experience will also be given for paying shop rent and extended clan bar.

Changes in Dark Souls schedule can be found HERE


Religion altars

Dear players, you can now find a new quest at all religion altars, which will give you a religion heart with Asceticism as a reward.


Bug fix.

Fixed bug with information message of someone getting in a trap.
All users who have used any trap since 2012-08-16 got reimbursed with quest traps.

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