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To All players who use the extended Inn space option.

When cancelling your extended inn space you must be sure to remove all items from your inn first, this will ensure you lose no items once the slots are deactivated. once you deactivate the inn, you can then replace only the items you intended to keep in your inn. If you cancel your extended Inn space and have not removed all items and find you have items missing, just re-activate your inn extension again and the items should be there, remove them and then continue to close the extension once again.


Set-up File

We are sorry for any inconvience that has been caused by the set-up file not running properly. The Set-up file is now up and running. you can now download the set-up file as usual.


Fall Lottery

Fall is on it's way, the hot weather is ending, school is just around the corner, Vacations are ending.To celebrate the oncoming of Fall we will hold a lottery, from August 25 until the 31, The tickets can be purchased in the Arkijah Artifact Jewellery shop for 12 plat each, tickets will change into pots on the first day of September. Good luck to everyone, and everyone from the DS Staff wishes you all a great and happy start to your your new school year.


New client download

We've managed to resolve the issue with antiviruses detecting a piece of malware inside the client application and it's setup file. Users who experience this problem should download the new revision of client application (rev. After instalation just need to download binar file and replace the client to the new exe. file The auto Installation should be fixed by tech within the next 48 hours.
download the binaryfile, then place it in DS folder, then just exctract the file from it there and replace old client with this one. It should wiork fine then. We are sorry for any inconvience this has caused.



1. Five sphere quest is switched off, and from now on it will be only during holidays event

2. It wont be possible to raise the flag being under "impregnability" mode

3. Ampfores in which is caught during fishing now have 10 sec effect

4. Rules of attack on the flag squere ( during sieges) applyes for 1h from the moment of siege have started, avoiding the fact of land being conquered or not.


Stealth and Treasure quest

Characters who are digging up the treasure will be un-stealthed and will not be able to use Stealth for the duration of Digging effect. Picking up items or corpses will cause the character to be un-stealthed. The treasure will go to the inventory of the one who dig it out.



1. Party (group) sign will be shown on group leader only.

2. The Genie Lord lamp will not affect unique and tourney pots, such as "Devine Reward".

3. Familiar experience bar has been added. 4. Clan recruits has been added.

Clan recruits have minimized clan logo on their avatars. Clan recruits cant take part in the clan sieges and wars, dont have access to the bar and "clan castles".

A Player can become clan recruit if clan member, leader or second in command offer's to become their pupil. Amount of clan reqruits is not limited aswell as do not have a lvl restriction.

Cakes and champagne items are to be sold at alchemist shops.

Fishing poles are being used by double click on the item. Fish can be eaten now by double click on it and are to be sold at alchemist shops.

Tourney cup has new picture and gives two bonuses


Mentorship changes

With the offer of mentorship, information window about mentorship will pop up. Mentors are able to see their puipl's common chat, no matter where they are located. For puipls who level, thier mentors will recieve bonus points. Each Monday the 5 best mentors of the server will get prizes (+25%, +20%, +15%, +10%, +5% to health and mana). Prizes have 7 day duration, after the top five have been decided the rest of the mentors points will be resetted. All members of the clan, whom ever get most mentor bonus points ( summ of all clan member mentor points), gets a prize of +5% to health and mana.


Clan wars and sieges

If clan declines a war, attacking clan cant declare war on the same clan in 14 days. Tho, the clan, who declined the war can declare war on the attacker anytime. If clan doesnt own any land, it will cost 250 clan exp for the sieging one, each next land will cost 20% more (ec. 250, 300, 360, 432 ...). They will still need 500 clan exp to be able to siege a land. In sieges where two clans take part, on the flag spot only members of these clans are able to fight. Religion players from other clans, cannot attack your members for religion exp. No other fighting will be allowed on the flag square either from other players. In sieges against monsters, on the flag spot only members of attacking or defending clan are able to fight. Fights between players at the area are available if clans are at war. A Clan who own's a land will get 1 of 20 dropped items ( 80% in gold of item cost) from mobs at this land as additional reward.


New religion changes

Religion conflict range has been changed. Use "Examine" to see your religion conflict range. Religion exp being gained and lost even if opponents dont fit your religion conflict range. 0-lvl religion players can gain religion exp only from 0-lvl religion players. Players with 1-lvl and higher religion lvl can fight in chaos zone only according to new religion conflict range (exceptions are clan wars and outlaws). For players without religion and players with 0-lvl religion old chaos zone lvl range applyes.

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Ticket System

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Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA


Ruby Fort
14:30 05/03
Black Town
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