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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Archive 2009


New client and changes

On 21th of October, after server restart we will implement new changes.

You can read more about them at the Forum Announcements

Everyone will be given 1 free reset of:

* Full character reset ( guilds, race, start parametrs,standart game avatar change - not personal avatar change). this can all be done on the Reset page

* Religion and religion guild change

* Personal artefact bonuss change

* Familiar type change

All this can be done on the Artifact utility page

* Disease change can be done by using one of the commands in game:

\vtest - porphyry

\otest - obsession

\ltest- lycanthropy

\htest- hysteria

- Everytime you use one of the commands it will go to the next level of disease.


- Time-out for mentioned resets is 30th of November.

- Time-out for Familiar type change and Disease change is 9th of November.

- There are no limitation in times of use for Familiar type change and desease change in this period of time.


Artifact Restore

This morning we rebooted the game, during this time we implimented a command that removed any personal arts from players who do not have ownership, if you have previously traded someone arts all you need to do is use the Art Restore page to return your items. Sorry for any inconvience this has caused.


3 Year Anniversary of the EU server

Hello Dark Swords, On October 14 we will be celebrating our 3 year birthday of the EU Server. we will have presents for everyone on that day, presents will be given out all day long, come and enjoy the celebrations. Partake in random DS Knowledge testing for additional prizes that will be supported by your Admin SugarDaddy. Only players that are online, AND active (not in void) will recieve gifts.


New support page

Good day World of Dark Swords, i would like to introduce a new ticket support system, If you have submitted a ticket since October 5, 2009 and still have the issue unresolved please feel free to re-send a new ticket at the following link New ticket page and for future tickets that are to be placed please use that link. Thank you for your patience.


Test Day

Today i will be handing out a test at 1700 GMT. You must ALL work together for this. I will ask a series of 5 questions, you will have 3 minutes to decide on the the answer. If ANYONE answers Wrong, the Answers from all will be considered wrong. each question answered correctly will result in ALL players recieving prize. For each correct answer, the prize will be larger and better then the last. if ALL 5 questions are answerted correctly you will obtain a very special prize. prizes awarded are as described below.

1. teleport to Ark

2. ticket north

3. ticket to centaur

4. divine power-up

5. divine generosity

Make note: for each in-correct question you will lose the last prize from each. ie. if you answer 1,2,3 correctly but answer #4 wrong the prize for #5 will be removed and then if you answer # 5 right you will be awarded #4's prize. Any teleports/potions will be soulbound. IF you are not online, you will not recieve the item PLease be sure to have room in your inventory to recieve the items. if you do not have room no prize will be handed to you.


Additional job openings

Dark Swords is still looking for experienced players who would like to be DS teachers. If you would like to know more or to apply speak to mitjo in game, Min lvl of your main character should be 250, you would be required to help players between lvl 0-75 with Advice on charatcer builds, as well as helping them with the first stages in the game, ie. explaing shops, guilds, and plat shops.


New updates

Compass - Finds location of A player who can be attacked for religion conflict or clan war, in the same region as your character. Specifies the length of the route and direction of movement to the oponent. Oponent will not be notified about the use of the compass.

Anti-locator will protect you against compasses. If the compass has not found a potential enemy in the region, the character gets the effect of "Depression" for 10 seconds, which does not allow to use the compass again.

Magnet - Allows you to remove the effect of "Light Steps" of the potential oponent in religion conflict or clan war. If you are placing the magnet on the squere where the trap is placed, the trap will work on you and magnet wont take any effect. The magnet will be removed, if other players will set a trap in the same squere as your magnet. Every subsequent installation of the magnet will require more devices, like instalating traps. Magnet have effect while the character is online. Server restart, logging off the game, setting traps in the same location, removes the magnet.

Platinum Hunters Blueprint – Allows you to increase the effect time of traps. To do this, you should enter the laboratory, put a trap and the blueprint and keep same type of traps in inventory what you want to be united for the time lenght of the trap effect. Time of the final trap, will be equal to the summ time of all united traps.

Please note, that all traps of this type that are in your inventory will be merged as a result of this operation.

* Now during the fight you arent able to pick anything from the ground. For "Autoloot" it doesnt apply.

* Removing tranquilization effect, and trying to flee from the fight, character will try to flee only on the second round.

* We removed penalty on simple and dark magical items. Now these items are more powerfull. Please pay attention on the magic wands.

* Now personal artefacts and craft items, can have same bonuss/attribute on all slots. FYI before that this was possible only for jewellery items like rings and chain.


Job openings

Dark Swords is currently looking for 3 pastors, pastors should be players who are online at least 8 hours a day. We are looking for players from different times zones, Please apply in the form of a support ticket, RE Pastor application. Include the following : Ingame name, age, time in GMT which you are online, your LvL.topic closed !



* Elixir of Divine Generosity has 6h duration.

* The 1st of October Will be the start of a new Religion and Tournament season. Dont forget to spend tournament points at Hero Pot Shop at Arkijah Town or save points to participate in JackPot share.

We are currently looking for 5 players to act as DS teachers, you must be lvl 250 and above to apply, if you are intrested Forum PM me AdminEU


Changes for client

* On the character avatars "Tranquilizer" effect sign will be shown.

* Under the text entry line, an indicator of your macros process has been added.

* With crucible furnace in your inventory, in items menu in the function "Recycle" will be available.

* Experience for monsters will only be shared between characters within 1/2 Level - 2X Level of the character who deals the kiling blow.

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Ticket System

WyTcHeRivKah ds wikipedia

Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA


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