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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Archive 2008


Cancelling Extra Clan Bar Space

Clan leaders have received an ability to cancel the additional clan bar space option by entering cb_inncancel command.
Please keep in mind that the items beyond the regular clan bar storage space will be lost permanently when you enter such a command.


Magical Sphere of Clouding

A blueprint for Magical Sphere of Clouding has been added to the Underground City Scribe Shop.
The Sphere when used will protect the user from effects of Magical Scanner for 3 hours.



We`ve added an ability to track the mob skills online to the World Map, Inhabitants, Items section of the Encyclopaedia.
Please report if you encounter any bugs. Thank you!


Changes & Fixes

-- The backstab ability can now be toggled on and off from the Magic window.
-- You will no longer try to backstab your target while making a riposte when attempting to flee.
-- The automatic tournaments will be announced 20 minutes ahead of the start.
-- The Dispel Magic will now have a 100% chance to succeed against mobiles if you use catalysts.



A few new autoquests have been added to the following areas:
-- Dead Rock
-- Ruby Fort
-- Ruby Miners Village

Please, enjoy.


Another Update

Using dispel magic in Stealth will disable Stealth mode.
The Backstab change has been reverted. The dagger-users will now have a 3% chance to make a backstab in fight.
Searing Pain effect now prevents spell-casting.

New Quest:
The Extreme Prejudice quest has been added (starts at Veteran Sergeant NPC in Royal Warriors Camp).
This should help some with experience points problems.



- The backstab change has been reverted.
- Dagger-users who learned Backstab skill will now have a 3% chance to make a backstab in fight.
- Backstab now removes (BackstabLevel/5 + 1) Iron Skin layers. If no layers remain after the Backstab will deal (Damage/(LayersRemoved+1)) damage.
- You will now exit Stealth upon casting Dispel Magic.
- Searing Pain effect will now fully prevent spellcasting.
- The Extreme Prejudice quest has been added (starts at Veteran Sergeant NPC in Royal Warriors Camp).


Revenge of the Larva

Another auto quest "Revenge of the Larva" have been added. Quest is for level 260+
The Quest was based on the idea of player OrcBeast.



- The client skin has been overhauled;
- We have added an ability to resize the main client window vertically;
- If entering text longer than 60 characters in the main window a separate panel will appear with your input (optional);
- The smilie panel has been added to the main window;
- Made a few changes to smilies;
- You can toggle the function of Whisp key in the main window by right-clicking it;
- The Options window has been reworked and split into parts, also added options to set up hotkeys and chat colors;
- Trade window now supports stackable items. The following keystrokes are available to select amount:
SHIFT+click = 5 items;
CTRL+click = 10 items;
ALT+click = all available items.
- Added support for private shops;
- Incoming personal, clan and party messages will display in a pop-up window in tray when the client is minimized (optional);
- The log files codepage has been changed to UTF-16LE for better international support;
- Alchemy Blueprints will now be stackable;
- Added amount selection window to the personal and clan inn, and shops;
- You will now be able to mark a location with color on the world map without having to go to the location;
- Added various new labels for the players in the player list: pupil label and 5 custom ones;
- Your characters avatar will not be resized when using the Fill/Brief panel toggle;
- Your characters avatar will no longer move while scrolling the nearby friendly characters panel;
- Added a sound for the trade requests (trade.wav);
- Added buttons to control the party looting mode to the leaders party window;
- Improved the scrolling in the shops, inns and clan inns (moving the mouse pointer to one of the sides will scroll the window);
- Added ability to turn off the full map display (useful for outdated computer configurations). When the full map display is off the fill up region menu will be added to the context menu which will allow the user to open up the current region on mini map;
- Added a Stop button for automove function to the world map;
- The Cure spell will now automatically be bound to the 6 keys for newly-registered characters (and the characters which have no hotkeys set up);
- Added a message for aggressive mode (one-click attack) toggle;
- Added support for skin packages;
- The Take hotkey will now function as Take All;
- Take All will now attempt to pick up stacks of items.


Flowers of the Moon

New automatic quest have been added, Flowers of the Moon. This quest is for level 200+. The quest is repeatable and will reward 25k gold for each flower you are able to deliver.
The flowers only grow at night, in the flowers own kingdom. The delivery guy is hard to locate, moving around. To reach him you will have to travel long and hard, but first you need to pass the fiery rains of hell.
The Quest was based on the idea of player SpiritWolf.

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Ticket System

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Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA


Ruby Fort
14:30 05/03
Black Town
14:31 05/03

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