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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Archive 2008


Corpse Looting

It will no longer be possible to loot another character`s corpse when at Stairway to Heaven kind of location (unless they are married with you or belong to your clan and are currently online).
Active on the next restart.


New Areas and Quests

We have launched the quests that provide access to new lands - Mythical World and Underworld.
An issue with Totem Quests has been fixed. These quests are also repeatable once per day.
Using a spear in main hand will no longer make the character invulnerable to the Stun ability. Instead, it will half the chance of success of this ability.



We have added a few new quests and an additional stage to the Thieves Guild one.
Also the second in command of a clan now should be worth as much experience points as a regular advisor in sieges and wars.



After the next restart, the Circlestab ability (used by people, who learned Backstab) will have additional chance to succeed depending on the character's Dexterity. The formula is (3 + Character's Natural Dexterity/100) %, minimum being 3,064% and maximum around 6,34%. Natural Dexterity here counts in effects such as Feline Grace.



Knockdown will again work against characters wielding Spears and Staves but with half the normal chance of success. Active on the next restart.


Mini Quests

Unfortunately as there are some questions I need to get answered before I can conduct mini quests I will postpone those until further notice. But don't worry, I won't forget I promised them.
As a little bonus for today there is a 1% chance that mice either drop Negate Elements or Iron Skin pots! Also for high levels, there is a 10% chance that Charon drops License to Kill! All enjoy!



On tomorrow's restart the following changes will be made:
* it will not be possible to knock down someone who is using a Spear or a Staff in their main hand.
* Negate Elements layers on your opponent will be fully removed upon successfully hitting (not missing) them with Firewind, Frostbolt or Lightning bolt spell, however the damage for this spell will be lowered (i.e. divided by AmountOfLayers+1).
Fixed an issue with misplaced aggressor and target in the Negate Elements combat message.
Added clan_war_list command that will show the list of wars/land control conflicts the clan is currently engaged in.


Caravan Mini Event

Weve launched a Caravan mini event in the Desert area. Once an hour or two (or three, who knows) a Caravan starts crossing the desert. It doesnt go very fast, but isnt either too slow. It will not react to people attacking it and will keep moving with its pace. Upon reaching its destination it will simply disappear. If you manage to "kill" or rob it by then, you are in for some good loot.


Casting Element Resist

It will not be possible to cast Protection from Fire/Cold/Lightning on someone who is already affected by such a spell unless you are in their group. So if I have Protection from Fire and you try to buff me with Protection from Cold while not being in my group you will fail. If you try, however, to re-buff me with Protection from Fire, it will work. This change is effective as of next server restart.


New Clan Command

clan_add "login" will now take the cash required to add a member from clan bank.

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Ticket System

WyTcHeRivKah ds wikipedia

Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA


Ruby Fort
14:30 05/03
Black Town
14:31 05/03

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