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Characters up to 50-th level and vampire-characters are not subject to infection. Occasionally at death from hands (paws, teeths, claws) from non-human monsters can be infected by lycanthropy. This illness is similar to vampirism (has 3 stages, it is transferred from the second stage, etc.), but there are also distinctions.
1 stage: is treated by bottles with sacred water. Cannot infect others.
Duration of a stage: 6 hours.
2 stage: is treated by an Aspen cross. Can infect others. 50 % efficiency of healing. 25 % absorption of a magic and physical damage. Recycles 10 % maximum of HP each round.
Duration: 12 hours.
3 stage: is treated by Sacred Graal. Can infect others. Cannot use cureheal. 33 % absorption of magic and physical damage. Recycles 20 % from maximum HP each round. In 33 % of cases even with a miss impact – will hit never the less.
Duration infinitive.



New official exchange rate for Platinimum in Banks across the world is now
1 Platinum = 15 000 gold coins
There will be 40% discount on installation price of the personal artefact (for weapons -60 platinum, for jewelry - 20platinum and -40 platinum on the rest of artefacts types).



To celebrate Halloween there has been introduced 2xGold. There will be also a special Halloween Quest. More info about the quest will be given later. Stay Tuned and Happy Halloween!
A contest for best Halloween story has been initiated. Read Forum for more information.


- Day/Night display on the location image.
- Added ability to use $name (displays name of the recipient) and $level (displays level of the recipient) tags in gra, admin messages and auto quests.
- All Names feature has been bound to Alt+Q instead of Alt.
- BossKey feature (Ctrl+Q) will now only work inside the client application.
- Added an ability to make notes on any character (stored client-side). The notes are shown in tooltips.
- Fixed the bug with Weapon Swap feature (X).

- Fixed Heal Self Only option;
- Made a few optimizations to the client.


Welcome to the Dr. Kronys Island

Due to new technology all the boats can go faster now. Especially cruise liner “White Scull” which goes from Last Harbor and to Dr. Kronys Island Also some new addition to Dr. Kronys Island
-Stairway to Heaven, Bank and Inn near the dock
-Bar and Alchemy Shop has been added to neighbor location
-Magic Shop in Mutant Farm

Cure of Vampirism First Stage can be cured by Holy Water (Alchemy Shops)
First and Second Stage can be cured with Aspen Cross (falls from unique monsters)
Third Stage and all above stages can be cured by Holy Grail (platinum Alchemy Shops)


Tournament Winners - 21.10.2007

20-49 - Alfie
50-74 - BarTender
75-119 - kirke
120-149 - EL7000
150-199 - Toonzizo
200-239 - Arcadian
240-279 - Shakira
280-299 - ketoe
300+ - mafiozi



A doppel command has been added that will prevent players near you from identifying your character. The cost of this service is 20 pt for 1 hour of affect (not cumulative).


Personal Artifacts Recycling, Weapon Type Change

Dealers now have the ability to recycle personal artifacts to return a part of the production cost (90 pt for weapons, 30 pt for rings and neck-wear and 60 pt for everything else).
Dealers has also been given the ability to change personal artifact weapon type. The cost for such an operation is 500 pt.

Please address your questions regarding Dark Swords extra sevices to characters tagged `Dealer`.

Two brand new lines of footwear for magic users have been added to the Artifact Stores.


Artifacts, Summons and Miscellaneous

We have addressed your petitions and proudly present a whole new line of non-personal artifacts to match the requirements of regular items: these include Armor with Dexterity requirement that grants Dexterity and HP when worn and many more.

A new line of footwear has been introduced to the artifact stores. It has been imbued to grant Strength to the owner. The characters of 220 through 260 levels will enjoy the new assortment of Strength, Dexterity and Constitution helmets.

The Dog Wool Belt and Wooden Mask accessories has had their parameters and cost put inline with other such items.

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Ticket System

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Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA


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