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Welcome to the world of Zodiac – one of the newest and hardest areas of DarkSwords.

In order to reach the region Zodiac Gates you must complete the quest “Circle of Zodiac” (minimum level: 300), which can be taken from the Astrologer [250] in the region Black Castle. To complete the quest you must complete 12 sub-quests to collect the 12 “Dream Stones”. Carefully read the quest information to understand how to complete the quest.
Attention! After completing the quest and sub-quests for the first time, you are able to repeat them after 24 hours in any order.

Upon completing the quest “Circle of Zodiac” you receive 10 soulbound teleports to the region Zodiac Gates. Using the teleport brings you to the Zodiac Gates star and automatically changes your location of birth to the Zodiac Gates.

Here you will meet the Celestial Denizen [400], who administers two quests. The first quest, “You Don’t Belong Here!”, allows you to return to the mainland of DarkSwords. For completing this quest you receive a soulbound teleport, “Moon Tear”, which brings you to the Black Town star and automatically changes your location of birth to Black Town. The second quest, “Zodiac Portals”, allows you access to the region Zodiac Perimeter. Once completed you are randomly teleported to one of the four Zodiac Portals on the inside of the Zodiac Perimeter. This means that it is possible for a group of people to be teleported to different Zodiac Portals. From the Zodiac Perimeter, you may enter one of the twelve Houses to hunt the unique monsters.

Attention! Pressing the “descend” button when you are on one of the Zodiac Portals returns you to the star in the Zodiac Gates.

Note that the different Houses are meant for different levels. Zodiac Warriors and Zodiac Guards (aggro monster) are found in the Houses along with the House Owner (unique monster). However, in order for the House Owner to appear, you must kill Zodiac Warriors in the House you are in until you receive a message that you feel the core of your being shift. Everyone else within the Zodiac continent also receives this message. Killing the House Owner guarantees you one of 19 scrolls for gear or weapon creation. However, each House Owner only drops scrolls for particular levels. For example, Aquarius drops scrolls for level 340 gear and weapons. The items created from these scrolls are tradeable but have limited durability.

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