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Sometimes monsters will drop "miraculous" items. Such items have bonus non-standard characteristics or even have a special magical power. Essences come in different strengths: miraculous, condescend, fabulous, attentive and reign. If you loot a miraculous item, its title will contain one of these words. The higher the strength of modification, the more additional parameters the item will provide. Miraculous items give aditional bonuses, however they are short-lived. All items have "durability". The durability (current and maximum) can be seen when you hover mouse indicator over the item. Weapons (swords, axes, spears etc.) lose one unit of durability with every hit you make, magical weapons (staffs) – with every second hit. Armour and clothes lose one unit of durability with every successfull hit on you.


Equipment will slowly break during usage (weapon will lose durability with each hit, and equipment will lose durability with every hit received). When the current durability reaches 0, the item with "Reign" will turn into an "Attentive" and so on, until the item loses the miraculousness or breaks completely. Personal artifacts can not break completely, however the essence or quintessence on them will.

In certain cases miraculous item may not suit you by level or for some other reasons. In this case you can extract the Essence (in Laboratories, with the help of the item «Extractor»), and then modify your equipment with this essence.

Essence Essence – a magical substance, that items have been enhanced with, to increase or add magical characteristics, which significantly influence the item's parameters. Miraculous characteristics are in addition to the characteristics of the item, and do not influence the standard parameters of item in any way. Each essence has a clear effect from which players decide which essence to apply to an item.

Extractor To get the essence you will need an «Extractor». Extractor can be bought in Artefact Alchemist shops. Extractor has multiple usages. To extract the essence, place the extractor and the "Miraculous" item into laboratory and click "BREW". If successful, you get an essence. If extraction fails the miraculous item will explode. The chance to extract the essence successfully depends on durability of the item and is equal to current durability of item/156. Successful extraction of essence will increase experience in the Extraction profession. When dragging a miraculous item in the inventory on to extractor, the essence on the item will be removed. Removing essence from an item will not use extractor's durability. Two essences of one type and level of modification can be combined to create ans essence that is one level higher than the starting essences. To do so you need to drag both essences in your inventory on the extractor.

To add an essence to an item (including artifact) place the item and essence in Laboratory and click "BREW". It is impossible to modify one item with more than one essence – the item will be modified with the last essence applied.

Strengthening the wonderous items with quintessence.

In order to improve the quality of "essence" it is necessary to make the operation on the initial extraction, then produce the quintessence and continue the process of modification.

Evaporator Essence

To create the quintessence you need: Evaporator, 2 essences. Put 1 of the essences and the evaporator into the lab, click "BREW" and get 1 quintessence. Chance of this operation is 100%.


For item modification you need: Quintessence and an item that has "reign" essence. Additional modification operations are similar to the standard proceedure, though chances of increasing "miraculousness" qualities are 95%. In case of failure item remains without essence modification. Maximum quintessence level for items is +25. Each improvement layer adds 10% of effect to the essence. It is also possible to purchase Godly Quintessence of Reign of Gods +25. This will allow you to enhance your item to +25 in one go, wit 100% chance of success.

Interpretation table of wonderous effects:

Essence ...increases...
... of Lifeparameter «life»
... of Sorceryparameter «mana»
... of Violenceparameter «damage»
... of Hatredparameter «magical damage»
... of Precisionparameter «CHTH»
... of Knowledgeparameter «CHTC»
... of Powerparameter «STR»
... of Quicknessparameter «DEX»
... of Mindparameter «INT»
... of Mightparameter «CON»
... of Windparameter «AC»
... of Stoneparameter «ABS»
... of Springparameter «HP regen»
... of Mysticparameter «MP regen»
... of Flameparameter «Fire resist»
... of Iceparameter «Cold resist»
... of Lightningparameter «Lightning resist»
... of Elementsparameters «Fire resist», «Cold resist» and «Lightning resist»
... of Vampireadds «life» to your character with successful hit on opponent
... of Reflectionimplicit parameter «damage reflection»
... of Soakingimplicit parameter « damage absorption»
... of Understandingadds «mana» to your character with successful hit on opponent
... of Suppressionimplict parameter «suppression»
... of Lightnessweight of the character

General information about character parameters you can read at Character : parameters.

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