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In the world of dark swords automatic tournaments happens every day and give the opportunity to fight fair with players of certain range, to get access to alchemist *Golden Potion Shop*, to win a prize (in gold) depending on the results of a season.

Participation in tournament brings 1 point, for 1 kill in the tournament zone - 2 points, for a victory in tournament - 5 points. If less than 2 participants come to the tournament, it is considered cancelled and the players who came receive 3 points.

Players in a tournament zone do not see spells imposed on opponents, their avatars, or their names in log of fight, until after a kill is made. It is allowed to fight only with 1 opponent at a time, except for the final stage "Free-for-All".

Tournament has three stages:

  • Preparation for tournament. This stage lasts 20 minutes from the moment of the announcement of the beginning of tournament. During that time it is possible to teleport to the zone of tournament where there is a Inn.
  • Prepare for battle. This stage lasts two minutes and after it, players can see avatars of "participants" and attack them.
  • Tournament 1st stage. Players Drop from the Inn onto a 9 cell zone, where it is possible to only move randomly and fight with players. Attacking is possible only 1 on 1. Duration of this stage is 5 minutes.
  • Tournament 2nd stage. Upon termination of 1st stage of the tournament players "fall" into 1 cell where fighting is possible only with 1 on 1 as well. Duration of stage is 5 minutes.
  • Tournament 3rd stage. Upon termination of the second stage, the mode "Free-for-All" is set. At that stage other players can get involved in your fight. Each tact of timer maximal amount of HP and MP all of participants will decrease from 100% to 10% by 10% Decretments. Duration of stage is 2 minutes.
  • Upon termination of all stages of tournament, the winner receives a cup with bonus of 5% to life and mana for 1 day.
  • The prize-winning fund(Jackpot) of the tournament upon end of the season is distributed between characters within top 20 tournament rating, considering their fighting levels.

    The duration of the season - one month. On 28th of the current months tournaments end, and players can spend the points in the tournament store until the next 1st morning of the month. According to the rating Top 20 players of the last month will be awarded in gold in the morning of the next month. All operations are carried out automatically and Administration will not make any additional announcements on the end of the tournament season.

    To teleport onto tournament, Use of the "Tournament ticket" is required, this teleport does not disappear and has no restrictions by quantity of use.

    Cost of participation in tournament is calculated according to the formula:

    ( 1.7 * the Level of the Character) in a degree 1.75

    If players’ Internet connection is interrupted then upon entering the game again player appear at the same location where he used tournament ticket. We do not bear the responsibility for quality of services of access given to you to Internet network, therefore cost of the ticket is not compensated.

    Groups and time of tournaments

    ## Time* Levels
    1 11:00 361 - 540
    2 12:00 146 - 360
    3 13:00 100 - 145
    4 16:00 541 - 550
    5 17:00 361 - 540
    6 18:00 146 - 360
    7 19:00 100 - 145
    8 23:00 361 - 540
    9 22:00 541 - 550
    10 21:00 146 - 360
    11 01:00 100 - 145
    12 04:00 541 - 550
    13 05:00 361 - 540
    14 06:00 146 - 360
    15 07:00 100 - 145
    16 09:00 541 - 550

    * - The start of the tournament registration (20 minutes before the beginning of the fight).

    Time of server (EET)

    10:00 2021, 05/03

    The declared tournaments

    Tournament 1 Tournament 2 Tournament 3
    -- -- --

    ATTENTION!!! Data about the time of the start of tournaments cannot be 100 percent accurate because of the frequency of updating of the site and server time. We recommend tracking the information on the beginning of tournaments directly in game.

    Ticket System

    WyTcHeRivKah ds wikipedia

    Elements of Darkness
    DividE et ImperiA


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