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In the Commands List there are several game actions available. For example, GRA-messages, setting up the remaining amount in % of HP, when the character will run away from the battle (Wimpy), and others.

Console commands

These commands must be entered into the chat without a space before ("/") symbol. Commands availalbe to the character:
  • \info - shows the last time the server has been started, and the IP addresses which were used to log in;
  • \who - a list of players which are in the same location with you;
  • \relax - the character will start Resting (Z), when health and mana will be restored faster;
  • \notell - toggles recieving personal messages. When turned off, only messages from members of admnistration will be received;
  • \locborn - tells the birth location of the character;
  • \observe - toggles the view of battles on the Arena (can be used only during crosserver tournaments);
  • \scan - toggles the location explore mode. If the location explore mode is off, then in the area where the map is not explored, only one cell will be shown. When it is turned on, adjacent cells will be explored.
  • \nomelee - toggles use of melee weapon;
  • \balance - shows the amount of money the character has in bank;
  • \mail - shows the mail. If a player has sent you a mail message, you will be able to view it with this command;
  • \powerup - toggles the automatic use of catalyzers, grindstones, and Divine Power-Up;
  • \replay - shows last 25 personal messages;
  • \skills - shows information (chance of success, duration, etc) on the skills available to the character;
  • \total_filter - every message is filtered, the server will not be sending all battle messages. The messages will also not be recorded in logs, no matter what the options are;
  • \gra "message" - a message sent to everyone online. Costs 5 platinum;
  • \invisible - makes your character invisible from players list for 1 hour. Costs 10 platinum;
  • \doppel - makes you completely anonymous in the game for 1 hour. Costs 20 platinum;
  • \compose "recepient" "message" - sends a mail message. Costs 1 platinum;
  • \wimpy "[% health]" - the % of Health at which the character will automatically try to run away. If you set the value to 0, then this function will be turned off;
  • \sendpt "recepient" "amount" - sends the platinum to a player. You cannot send platinum to a character which is hidden from the list. Costs 1 platinum, free for dealers and traders;
  • \roll - throws a dice. Cost in gold: 100+current character level;
  • \? - list of available commands;
  • \clan_gold_limit "character name" "amount of gold" - clan leader's command to limit the amount of gold which can be withdrawn from clan treasury;
  • \clan_platinum_limit "character name" "amount of platinum" - clan leader's command to limit the amount of platinum which can be withdrawn from clan treasury;
  • \cb_draw "amount of gold" - withdrawal of gold from clan treasury with open withdrawal limit;
  • \cb_pdraw "amount of platinum" - withdrawal of platinum from clan treasury with open withdrawal limit;
  • \noprotect - removes protection from your character;
  • \auto_focus - toggles automatic use of Attack Focus (if available);
  • \hide_eq - hides the stats of your equipment. The items you picked up will not be shown to other characters. (Costs 1 platinum per day);
  • \sendgold "recepient" "amount" - sends the gold to another character. The minimum amount that can be transferred is 20,000 gold. The gold cannot be sent to a character which is hidden from list. You can use this command only if you are located in a bank.
  • \shop_motd "message for the shop" - this message will be shown to all characters visiting the shop. Applies to all shops that are linked together. Limited to 255 symbols.;
  • \skip_soul - command to summon a Shaman which will banish the Dark Soul. The Soul will not be counted towards the regular thirteen souls, and no one will receive the prize (Costs 1 platinum, requires 3 platinum to activate);
  • \skip_hunt - command to summon hunters to skip a target of the Wanted Dead event. (Costs 1 platinum requires 3 platinum to activate);
  • \ignore "nickname" - adds the character to a list of ignored players. Will work only with private messages and for one game session (until server restart);
  • \unignore "nickname" - removes the player from ignore list;
  • \ignorelist - shows a list of players currently being ignored;
  • \tourney - submits an application to a tournament during a countdown. Will work only if you satisfy the level range criteria.
  • \show_my_equip - Deactivates the "Hidden from list" service
  • \show_doppel - Deactivates the "Doppelganger" service

Ticket System

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