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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Legacy of druids. Volume One.


Druid For many years, the proud people of the forest under the leadership of the three druid brothers - Great Wizards bravely fought with the army of the Dark Lord, holding back the hordes of evil within the Moon Empire. But in an evil hour, deception and betrayal were stronger than pure intentions. Dark Lord has captured druids, seized their Charms and imprisoned wizards into dark and damp dungeon under snags of trees of their native forests. Dungeon of each brother is protected by the dragon - Fearsome Sentinel. Only a brave man who wears Druid charm, can get into these dungeons.


Mental Boar Druid charm After administrator anouncement into the general chat each player from 200 to 540 level, located online, may find Mental Boar - the envoy of the forest people in the Ruby Fort of the Boundary Realm. Starting from the announcement the quest time countdown begins and will last for 3 hours, each player may choose himself when to join the army of the forest people assistants during these 3 hours. The Boar will hand the Druid charm to the brave man and will ask him to find one of the Dark Lord seized brothers with its help.

Venue - entire world of DarkSwords.

Search of dungeons.

Sentinel As it became clear from the legend, falling into the underground is possible only if you have Druid Charm (gateways are open every 15-30 seconds). Laydowns appear to be serched in the woods - each of those regions has only one place, that you are about to find: Enigmatic Forest and Dark Forest - laydowns to the Younger Brothers' dungeon; Jungle - laydown to the Middle Brothers' dungeon; Mutant Forest - laydown to the Elder Brothers' custody.

Beware of the Fearsome Sentinel - it's an aggresssive unique elementalist dragon of the 150th, 250th and 400th level, accordingly. Each laydown - zone of chaos (group formation is impossible), getting out of which is automatically avaliable once every 60 cesonds, if not in fight.

Preparation for escape.

Seeds of Hypericum Once fallen into dungeon and solved problems with the dragon you can start communicating with the druid. Each brother will offer you to deliver a Message about the location of his custody and the escape plan. The important part of the plan will be using the magic of plants and herbs - for escape preparation and implementation you will receive seeds of definite wonder herb (personalized quest item). It is important to note that the charm once changed for the herb won't allow you to get into the dungeon of one or another brother.

Druid herbs.

Achillea Now, when you already have the magic herb you can start cultivating it as already known. Details of this process are described in Articles : Agriculture.

Hypericum Please note the fact that herbs of druids and its seeds are soulbound quest items, therefore it is not allowed to trade, drop onto the ground or exchange. Soulbound herbs fall into the inventory of your character not onto the ground when collecting the harvest; effects «Abundance» and «Sharpening stones» do not work.

Value of herbs.

Verbena Three kinds of druid herbs are known: Achillea, Hypericum and Verbena. Each of brothers can give you a specific kind of herb. The value of the herbs corresponds to the difficulty of getting ones: 36, 72 and 144 gold for each plant. This value will be important at calculating the results of the quest to determine the winner.

Calculating the precise herb value, that is determined above is actual for players of 400th to 540th levels; for the middle subgroup from 300th to 399th the price scale will be increased: 72, 144 and 144; but for characters of 200th to 299th all herbs will be valued as 144.


Message from Prison Goal – to deliver the Mental Boar a message from one of the brothers and as much as possible magic druid herbs (that can be grown from seeds and so on to the cycle for the time, set down for quest), nevertheless taking into account not only the amount of plants cultivated by you, but also its value. Magical Runes Legacy of Druids (personalized quest item) will serve as reward.

You can start and determine the quest at anytime convinient for you, but not later than 3 hours after the servers administrator announcement - therefore you have to bring and give Boar the message from prison.

Rune: Legacy of druids At this moment your result of cultivating and gathering herbs will be calculated and the Boar will hand you one rune - a guaranteed reward. If you won't manage to deliver the message (and herbs) to the Boar until the end of the game, the quest will be lost without any rewards, trophies and merit gratitude. By the end of each day there will be a total effectiviness rating for all players where 10 winners will be established according to the rank distribution. All Druid herbs, their seeds, charms and messages will be removed (at the next restart of the server).

Prize fund.

True druid Players, gained first three places in each range, will receive memorable medals with bonus (+7%, +5%, +3% to life and mana) for 2 weeks. 10 best players of the game will receive runes as follows: 15, 10, 5, 3 .. 3. Runes received as a prize Legacy of druids can be used for independent making of unique druid artifacts - recipes are sold in the Forest Library in the Dark Forest and are described in Items : Alchemy of druids.


3 series of this quest will be held
entire course of events and determination of the winners will be independent in each series:

Data Time
April, 14th first series:

from 6 PM GMT till 9:00 PM GMT
April, 15th second series:

from 7 PM GMT till 10:00 PM GMT
April, 16th third series:

from 5 PM GMT till 8:00 PM GMT

Ticket System

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Elements of Darkness
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