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Идем в Покер After announcement from Administrator in public chat, all players online, in according level range, will automatically receive soulbound teleports to «Lets Play Poker». After this the quest starts immediately and has 30 minutes duration. For participating use the teleport immediately, you will be teleported to the quest area “star” and automatically “born” there. (At the end of the quest all participants will receive quest “returners”, teleported to Arkijah town and “born” on the star).

Event place.

план Игорного Дома Map of the quest area is shown on the right. «Star» is - peaceful zone,you can’t attack here even «outlaws»; quest mobs can’t enter on this area. The remaining location is a lawful zone - it is not possible to create or join groups, mass magic works only on selected attacked monster, battles between players are prohibited, except attacks on «outlaws»; on the location randomly moving Cards (52 pieces), Gold Coins (20 pieces) and Jokers (one on the each of the three floors). Jokers – level 10000 aggressive monsters, it is better to avoid them. Upon death from Jocker player goes to the «star» with 30 second knockdown


Пример картыAfter killing the Card monster, player receives one of randomly selected cards from a full deck. At quest area the weight of all participants will be increased to 7500. Weight of the card is 1000, ie. players can not have more than 7 cards in their inventory at once. Players can not get two same cards ( for example, two queens of spade), ie. if Card monster drops a card which the player already has in inventory, then no changes will occure. Cards are soulbond items - they can not be traded, changed or picked from corpses.


ФишкаAll participants will receive 100 Chips. Amount of chips will be changing during the quest. You need to kill Gold Coins. For each kill players receive or lose random amounts ( from 1 to 20) of chips. Individual prize fund of each player, who get into the top 10 of awardees, depends on amount of chips they collect during the quest. If during the quest player lose all chips the player gets eliminated from the quest, getting teleported to Arkijah Town «star» and «automaticaly» born there and not being involved in future winners selection.

Goals of the quest.

First goal of the quest – is to take a place in the top ten awardees. At the end of the quest, 2 lowest cards from poker combination of 7 cards player will have in their inventory will be removed. 10 players who are left till the end of the quest at the quest area and collected the maximal combinations will be selected as Awardees.

Second goal of the quest - is to collect as many Chips as possible, which player received at the start of the quest and during the quest killing Gold Coins. We strongly recommend you do not throw them out or give to other players.

Prize fund.

Three awardees, who collected the highest amount of chips, receive Quest points, 1 place - 1500qp, 2 place - 1250 qp, 3 place - 1000qp. For all ten awardees, collected chips will change to Quest Points 1=1, for other participants these chips will be removed.


Date Time Levels
2 of June 06:00 Server Time 100 - 299
2 of June 21:00 Server Time 300 - 499
3 of June 05:00 Server Time 500 - 540

14:41 2020, 11/29 - Server Time (EET)

The hierarchy of poker combinations (descending).

Royal Flush
Royal Flush - the highest hand in poker, five cards from ten to ace of the same suit.
Straight Flush
Straight Flush - Five consecutive cards of the same suit.
Kare - four cards of the same rank.
Full House
Full House consists of three cards of one rank and two - of another.
Flush any five cards of one suit.
Five consecutive cards. Every possible straight will contain either a five or ten.
Seth or triple
Three cards of same rank.
Two pairs
Two cards of one rank and two - of another.
A pair of two cards of same rank.
In combination Straight, Straight Flush - Ace can play the role of 'one'.

Ticket System

WyTcHeRivKah ds wikipedia

Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA


Fishers Seaside
20:22 11/29
Miners Village
20:41 11/29
Lake of Sorrow
22:00 11/29

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