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Increased damage and experience rates and discounts!

Double damage and experience from monsters from 14 until 16 of April.
From 13 until 22 of April the price for ordering personal artifacts is reduced by 40% (60 pt discount for weapons, 40 pt for armor, 20 pt for jewelry.).


Winners of Cats quest!

Results for Cats quest are in! Uncle Ruckus destroyed the competition by winning 6 of the 8 prizes in their respective categories.

Brute Cat: Uncle Ruckus
Cat Abigore: Uncle Ruckus
Cat Jean-Pierre: trixie
Cat Rico: Uncle Ruckus
Cat Thomas: Uncle Ruckus
Meow Cat: Uncle Ruckus
Showoff Cat: Uncle Ruckus
Fluffy: trixie
More info HERE


Valentine's Day special

Let's celebrate the holiday of love with reduced prices for weddings!
Regular weddings will be just 20 platinum, while golden weddings will be 120 platinum.
Consult a pastor for booking.
Prices in effect from 13 to 20 February.
More info on weddings can be found here.


Snowball contest results

Snowball contest results are in.
Congrats go to Waineworld, with 1453 snowballs.
Runner-ups: Red Baron (453 snowballs) and Outlawd (258 snowballs). Awesome job!


Happy Birthday DarkSwords EU!

Dear players!

It's a Happy news, the DarkSwords EU World is having it's anniversary the 5th Birthday. We will be celebrating it for two whole weeks and it already started! There will be double damage, experience and gold for monsters on the tables and don't forget, that there will be gifts as well! Everyone is invited, the dress code is casual and the only thing you have to bring with you is your good mood!

There will be also a great surprise for everyone on 24th of October, it was long awaited and requested by everyone, but we will not going to spoil the surprise just yet.

Happy Birthday DarkSwords!


Back to School Lottery.

Dear Players,
1st of September in DarkSwords will be celebrated with a new Lottery. Soon you will be able to get your Lottery School Bus tickets to test your luck and start the new academic year with a nice treat.

DarkSwords Administration wishes all great achievements!


The 6th Cross Server Team Tournament.

Attention Players!

Registration for the membership in the Cross Server Tournament has begone! You can talk to one of the team leaders - Asteroid or mafiozi in order to let them know, that you want to take part in this event.

The prizes are higher, but so are the stakes! Winning the Tournament will not only give us glory and fame, but also bring a lot of benefits. This time no one will be left standing, so please play your part!

To find out what you can do, visit our forum.


Happy Easter everyone!

Dear player, in the celebration of Easter the following bonuses have been activated:

  • From 22 April to 29 April - damage inflicted on monsters and the experience gained for killing those monsters is doubled;
  • From April 22 to May 9 - the price of manufacturing Personal artifacts is reduced by 40% (for the weapons 60 pts off, to equipment 40 pt, for jewelry 20 pt).
  • Today, April 22, also started the action "Happy Easter".

    Good luck and Hunt with joy!


    Saint Valentine's Day.

    Saint Valentine's Day is just around the corner, ah.. this sweet feeling inside of you when you spend hours in the stores searching for the special gift or needed ingredients for the hand made chocolate, then late at night you are trying to wrap the gift and make something out of the chocolate bars that you have bought earlier. Just keep in mind that the gift is just an excuse to be able to tell the one you love how you really feel!

    It's a great time to bound yourself with your second half - new couples that will book the wedding and get married from 11 till 18 of February will receive a discount of 80 platinum for the ceremony, so the Golden wedding will cost 20pt and Platinum 120pt.
    All couples that got married during 11-18 February will gain a double damage against monsters.

    Also at this time on 11-18 of February monsters of your level will drop pieces of Valentines puzzles (total 9 pieces of 3x3 puzzle with a receipt in the middle), that could be brewed together in a Valentine Heart (can be given to another player). By using it a character gets a Heart as a gift (without parameters).


    Getting ready to fight for Kingdoms!

    The time has finally come to test the strength of your Alliance and to compete against your enemy in the first battle over the Kingdom.
    Tomorrow all Clan leaders who are members of an Alliance will be able to place their participation quote on any of 7 Kingdoms/Realms free of charge.

    First siege will happen on Monday 7th of February at 19:00 EET (server time).
    According to the rumors a lot of rivalry clans are eager to dig their claws and blades in to the enemy's flesh in order to snatch away the right to control Realms and Kingdoms. Please take your time to prepare for this Event!
    Good luck to everyone and let the best Alliance win!

    Siege Schedule.
    Weekday Time
    Monday 19:00
    Tuesday 11:00
    Wednesday 22:00
    Thursday 12:00
    Friday 15:00
    Saturday 22:00
    Sunday 11:00

    All time is in EET server time.

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