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Summer Lotto

Till end of Summer we will have gold and zenny lotto. Zenny lotto cost 12 zenny and can be bought in Zenny Shop. Gold lotto cost 3600000 and can be bought in Arkijah Alchemist.
What is inside lotto can be found here



1. Random on the racial ability of the orc is disabled, now it is as before x2 damage.
2. The cap on elves backstab is removed.



The disembowel was fixed. Now it works as before, the only percent from 10-20-30 was changed to 7-14-21%



1. You can find Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy in deben and valor shops;
2. Gold and experience from mortal enemies were increased;



1. Now in group, all party members will get the same experience.
2. DarkSoul amount is increased from 6 to 9 and for killing dark soul you will get 75 religion exp. Info can be found here.
3. For killing wanted dead mob you will get as before 4 grass bag and Divine Reward with duration 5 minutes.
4. Prizes for quests "The Seeker" was changed, now you can get from this quest bonus pot on damage/exp, the main prize now is 650 000 experience! Mob levels for this quest were increased, as ship ticket price. The cooldown on this quest is 1 week.
5. Quest "Border Guard" prize was changed to 100 000 experience, mobs levels also were increased and cooldown for the quest is 24 hours.
6. Prices in platinum Alchemist shop were increased.
7. Platinum Antidote and Tranquilizer do not work anymore, so you can sell them in Arkijah Alchemist shop.
8. Potion of Divine Empathy - is disabled and can be sold in pt shop for 2 platinum.
9. There is no maximum level anymore, so you can level as high as you can. It will be easy to get to level 300, but all the next levels will be much and much harder to get.
10. Weight of platinum hp and mp pots were increased.
11. In zenny shop, you can find a new potion, which gives religion experience 1500. It can be used until 20 religion level.



1. Orc racial ability formula was changed: now damage from racial ability counts randomly with coefficient 1.5 - 2.2;
2. If you are orc or elf and you have hp more than 80000, then your damage will be decreased by 30%;
3. Elves backstab damage now counts also randomly, with coefficient 0.7-1.2 on players. Also, backstab damage now has a cap - 160000;
4. Mage mana was decreased by 20%;
5. Mage mental hit was decreased by 15%;
6. The percent on anti cults is decreased from 95% to 90%;
7. Ally bonus work from 246 level. Before that level, players won't get a bonus to stats;
8. The players who got 345 level will get a gift - x4 religion exp pot, x4 gold pot, x8 damage pot. Pots are soulbond with a duration of 1 hour.


Fighter Month

From May everyone who will be awarded for Religion season will get cups at the month end.
Cups are similar to tournament cups, so you can choose bonuses on religion exp, gold or both at the same time with smaller percents.
Good luck all!


Happy Easter

From reboot on Saturday, April 20 till reboot on April 24 it is all about Eggs in Darkswords.

Anubis will drop eggs in Arkijah Town during the event. Times of dropping are randomly and he will drop 2 types of eggs.

1. Golden Egg, this will give a Horn of Plenty
2. Surprise Egg, this egg will either give a dynamite egg or an amount of platinum, varying between 1 and 100.

Ligras refused to dress up as a bunny, but he will be in the game during the event. The quest can be taken on Arkijah Star. The cooldown for quest is 3 hours.

More eggs can be found on Tharassos these days. Fill a basket with eggs, cake, and candles and get bonus hp/mp
Info can be found here

During the event, you will get 20% off your zenny purchase. Do not miss out on this opportunity!!! Zenny will be added during 24 hours from purchase

During the event, we will have only zenny lotto. It cost 12 zenny and can be bought in Zenny Shop. What is inside lotto can be found here

We wish you all a very happy Easter!!!


Poker quest reasults:

I place - Agressure, Shaggy, Crazy elf, BOBAH, That guy, Lord of war, Crazy orc, L E H A

II place - hunterxhunter, Kir, B L A C K, Koulmen, Cass Angel


Thank you for participating!



1. In zenny shop you can find new Anti Bomb when u use this pot, no one on location cannot use any type of bomb. Duration is 10 minus;
2. The fish price was increased;
3. Now any Fishing pole will work automatically. It means that when u click on it, it will be in use till you catch old shoe or treasury or till it will be broke. Automatically in use will be always the first pole in the bag, if you have two poles and you will click on the second one, the durability will decrease on the first one.

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Ticket System

26% 25% 27% 22%

DividE et ImperiA
Elements of Darkness
Flatness Waveform

Mage School
23:37 09/23

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