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Changes and fixs:

1. In the platinum shop you can find Level bonus pot x3;
2. In Sparta region gold bonus was reduces from x3 to x2;
3. The damage from bleeding and burning is decreased;
4. Orc's chance to hit (CHTH) is increased and elves armor (AC) was decreased;
5. The damage from axe is increased from 25% to 30%;
6. The drop rate on pet runes was increased.



1. On Zodiac, you can find Zodiac Scribe Shop where you can sell zodiac Blueprints. Also, signets can be sold in Arkijah Alchemist;
2. We have a similar event as Dark soul - Spirit of Aneth, only for players WITHOUT religion. The event time is 3 a.m., 16 p.m. and 21 p.m. For killing npc you will get the special potion, which works as lotto and have good prizes in, like reward pot, bonus pots, horn of plenty etc.;
3. Some prices on potions in the platinum shop were increased;
4. By players request, the needed experience and gold for level after 340lvl was reduced. Religion can be taken and be active only till 360 level. If you have 361 level, you can not take religion!!!
Tourney levels were changed, info can be found here.
5. The experience from mortal enemies after 300 level is little bit decreased.
6. Pvp events, as Heresy, Corsair and Big Joe's Saloon are only till combat level 360, all other quests are till 540 level.


Poker quest reasults:

I place - Flames Of Hades, Forrestgump

II place - Forrestgump

Thank you for participating!



1. Gatherer of Generosity now does not have cooldown;
2. 7 days login reward is changed, now you will be able to choose one of these pots: Gatherer of Generosity, Fighter of Generosity, Potion of Divine Reward, Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy or Bonus pot x2 gold;
3. The reward for Wanted dead is also changed, now randomly you can get or 4 Choose Grass or 4 Choose Exotic Herb, which contains a choice of Hops, Coffee, Pea, Grape, Echinacea and 5 minutes Potion of Divine Reward or 10 minutes Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy;
4. The mining dropping percent was increased.


Knowledge Day

Till 4th of September, we will have Ligras in-game! The cooldown is 3 hours and you can get from him even x3 level exp bonus!
At 1st of September all players, who are online will get random pots at random time!

Also, we have some changes:
1. Wanted dead can complete even non-relig players now;
2. In Arkijah Scribe Shop you can find scroll for big Spring rune, which is made from 2 small



1. In gold and zenny lotto you can find x1.5 religion exp pot and Potion of Divine Encouragement;
2. Santa bag duration is changed to 6 hours with cooldown 6 hours;
3. Fighter of Generosity does not have cooldown at all;
4. In Artifact Scribe Shop 1 you can find scrolls for 140 lvl craft gears with stats on dex and str.



1. Items from dump can be bought again;
2. Potion of Divine Encouragement can be used again, only now it will give only x1.5 religion exp;
3. Some ingredients for town teleport where changed;


Poker quest reasults:

I place - Starlighter, Revive, Viriato21 x2, Edward Richtofen, Daenerys.T. x2, Elven, Jeager, RockStarPerson, imagination

II place - ikusan, imagination x2, Iskander, Kir, MewTwo, Nastja x2, Tindley

III place - STALKER.UA, SiriusX, imagination, ixdon, Mers

Thank you for participating!


Summer Lotto

Till end of Summer we will have gold and zenny lotto. Zenny lotto cost 12 zenny and can be bought in Zenny Shop. Gold lotto cost 3600000 and can be bought in Arkijah Alchemist.
What is inside lotto can be found here



1. Random on the racial ability of the orc is disabled, now it is as before x2 damage.
2. The cap on elves backstab is removed.

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Ticket System

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DividE et ImperiA
Elements of Darkness
Flatness Waveform

Seastone Town
12:08 09/16
Arkijah Town
12:07 09/16
12:08 09/16

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