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Happy Valentine's Day

- For this year's Valentine's Day event we have double damage for married couples and those in a battle union.
- Khortitsa will be open, there is x2 gold drop there.
- In Mars Shop there is level 80 relig pot, which can be used only if you have higher than level 60 religion.
- In the Holiday Shop Cupid's Arrow is available, it works like Snowballs, it changes Avi for 5 minutes on the player you use it on to random sweet and funny Avi's.
- Some of the prices in the Emerald Shop are decreased.
- We have 2 type of lotto, but as gold lotto is in Mars Shop for 1 token, we wont have gold lotto, but have Zenny lotto and Emerald lotto. Lotto items can be seen here.
- All zenny purchase will get 20% more zenny and emeralds!!

The Halloween Skulls which gave bonuses for 2 weeks have been reactivated and can be used again during the event.

The event will end at 21 February morning reboot.


In Arkijah Scribe 1 we have added new scrolls for Old Extractor, Old Furnance and Old Mower. The durability of these items does not decrease. They will last forever and are not soulbound. To make them each item you will need to create 3 runes, and from these runes u can create the items. There is also scrolls for Super Fishing Pole - it has 3001 durability and doesn't catch old shoes. To create it u need to create the 3 runes.
To create the runes, you will need fossils, herbs, fish, spheres, meteorites, Signs from new locations and some other items.

All these items can also be bought in Emerald Shop.

The Emerald Shop has a new item Super Magical Scanner, which ignores Anti-locator.

4 new regions are open (4 ex-castles). In each location you will find 2 different Signs, which are needed for the runes for Old Extractor, Old Furnance and Old Mower and Super Fishing Pole. The regions are: Warriors Castle (loc 6520), Godfather Castle (loc 10179), Freedom Castle (loc 11724), Tournament Den (loc 2993)
Mage mental is decreased by 10%
Dwarf impregnability is increased to 50%

New pet Woodland Fairy
Brew Summon Woodland Fairy is available from Artifact Alchemist.
Woodland Fairy is great for collecting. She increases owners carry weight, and increases animal drops x2. (need 70 runes)
Runes drop in the same areas around Northern Colony that drop other pet runes.



1. The axe swing is fixed;
2. Orcs magic resist are increased;


Minerva Temple region

By requests zone in Minerva Temple was changed to PVP zone only



1. Elf and orc damage is increased;
2. Manashield is decreased.


Minerva Temple 12 year birthday

It is on the 12th birthday of the first Clan Land released in the EU server for the first time in 2008, February the second.

This date deserves a celebration for the whole community, so the owner Viriato21 has decided to announce the free opening during the period of a month to everyone in the game.

The mobs level in Minerva Temple was increased, the experience and gold from mobs are increased and the castle is save-zone! You can get to this clan land from port on location 20564.

Also in clan castle, you can found 4 towers on locations - 12374, 12335, 12356, 12402. After you kill them, the unique 2000lvl Mars will be shown on location 12451. After killing Mars, all party ( party of players who will kill the Mars) will get Mars token. Double click on the token will give you currency - Mars token. After Mars is dead, towers will reborn again.

For this tokens on location 12460 is new shop where you can buy only 4 types of pots - pot which will make you 540 LVL, 550 LVL, 60 religion level and Mars lotto, which will give you any of normal gold lotto pots.

Please, note, that tokens what you will not spend till 2 of march will be deleted, as the pots and to kill the Mars you definitely will need a party

Thank you, Viriato 21 and enjoy


Poker quest results:

I place -Viriato21 x3, Airowind, FunderMental1, mogar x2, _-RuBiX-_

II place - Jhin, Walt Longmire x2, Taniko san, Kaneki Ken, Kir, Iskander

III place - Bugs Bunny, TEZZA, ikusan, imagination

Thank you for participating!



1. Some stats were changed;
2. Mental damage and orc damage increased;
3. Critical chance and sudden hit chance increased



1. Manashield is decreased by 30%.
2. Orc chance to hit is increased.
3. Mental hit is increased.
4. Elf damage is decreased.
5. Resists are decreased.
6. Open wound works again
7. Disemboweled works on both hands, but only with daggers.



27.01.2020 after evening reboot the following will be active:

1. New pet Golem can be made, using the golem runes, which can be found while mining with a chance 5%. The scroll for Golem can be bought in pt shop for 750 pt. Golem increases the chance to find fossils by 2 times.
2. Scroll - Scarab Manuscript is changed, now it gives pot - Gods of Egypt. The pot works as lotto pot, double click will give you one of Egypt Gods pots.
3. Now if you will get muted, the mute buff will be shown on your buff list. So it will be easier to check, how long left till mute is gone.
4. Pet damage after user 541 level in increased x2.
5. Mass tranquilizer can be used on the player, even if he is already tranquilized.
6. In Arkijah Scribe Shop 1 can be found scroll to brew "Teleport in Underground Town".
7. Shield of Faith works on a shield as on wand.
8. Genie lamp can not be used during ally siege.
9. Now love potion works even if your purpose have Empathy on them.
10. Dexterity increase backstab on mobs.
11. In the platinum shop, you can buy zenny coin, which will give you 2 zenny. The price of the coin is 25pt.
12. The limit on emeralds flowers is increased from 30% to 50%.
13. The bonus of two axes or two swords is removed.
14. The axe swing and open wounds are working from both hands.
15. Open wounds do not work from swords.
16. Mental hit is changed, now it works as sudden hit.
17. Defense cults, as anti mental hit, anti sudden hit etc., on 15 lvl is changed from 95% to 60%.
18. Mage damage and mp are decreased.
19. Elf damage is increased.
20. All races hp is decreased.

Changes in racial abilities
1. Orc racial does not give x2 damage. Now orc has a chance to enchant his weapon. If after enchanting orc hits 3 times without miss, the damage will be increased by 20% and 2 tacts he will hit with 100% chance. On elf, this racial ability will work after 4 successful hits, but won't increase the damage. Orc magic resist on racial is returned to default
2. The elf backstab in PVP is decreased by 6 times. Elf racial have a chance to enchant his weapon, after 4 successful hits, the elf will steal 20% of purpose damage and will have 2 tacts will hit with 100% chance. Orc on this racial, have to hit 5 times and will steal only 10% damage.
3. Human racial has a chance for energy attack. After attack starts, if you hit 5 times in a row, you will obcast on your purpose 3 element - burning, freezing and shock for 4 seconds. On drow, this will work only using mass magic, only on the first purpose and after 6 successful hits in a row.
4. Drow racial has a chance for energy attack. After the attack starts, if you hit 4 times in a row, you should hit the last target in the chain with 100% damage. So the damage will be inverse. On human this racial works after 5 hits.
5. Dwarf racial decrease chance on other racial abilities by 50%. Impregnability gives 30% of hp. If impregnability is active, a decrease at other racial abilities chance is 25% instead of 50%. Also dwarf racial decreased the chance of weapon skills and magic effects, as open wounds, stun, disembowel, frozen, shocked, burning. It works also on pet effects.

*Due to new changes, the punishment for clickers will become more severe
** These race changes are in test mode and can be changed in the nearest future. Thank you for your understanding



Edward Richtofen with 15746 points, Zirka Smerty with 6130 points and DEATH NOTE with 4599 points. You have won clan land access from the weekends for 2 months! Enjoy!

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Ticket System

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DividE et ImperiA

Forest Spring
10:39 02/20
Royal Palace
20:43 02/20
10:40 02/20

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