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1. Hp and Dex flowers cannot be used together.
2. Using a buff pot, which has a cooldown, you will get a message after what time you can use another buff pot.



1. Backstab of the elve characters is now affected by dexterity
2. Manashield of dwarve characters has been reduced to x2
3.In Arkijah Town on location 2022 now is a bulletin board with a variety of quests for xp and gold
4.Godly quintessence +25 is now available in the Merit shop in Arkijah Town and in the QuestionPoint shop in Temple


Password reset after Security Check.

Last few days our security has been checked. The good news is that this has been done by an extern party completely for free!!
Unfortunately, they have found a security issue. This has been fixed now, but because of this issue, all passwords will be reset again. Our sincere apologies for this inconvenience.
We strongly suggest you not to choose a password that you use already for other online games.

Your administration



Due to a technical problem, month tourney winners didn't receive their cups on choice, so, please, contact any of staff member and tell bonus on what stat do you want, we will change it for you.



November was a month full of religion activity. As announced at the beginning of the month, the top 3 players of each race will be awarded.
The following players have won the main prizes:
I place - Bizon10
II place - MAD
III place - Tpa ta tam

Other winners are: I place - Metal10 II place - Gwynbleidd; Canadish; RiIando; Chief Kief III place - NH; Prestupnik; SANTA; Unstoppable Please contact Admin in game to choose what kind of flower you want to receive

Players who have been active in religion as Dwarve in November, please also contact Admin in game, for those players we have some gifts. This character cannot be an alt char of the winners!!
Thanks everyone for your participation and congratulations to the winners.


November Poker-quest results:

Levels 100-200
I place - Ingroboy;
II place - Gwynbleidd;
III place - Yennefer;

Levels 201-375
I place - Doppelganger; Telerin
II place - Reade lrm;
III place - T A G I Y E V;

Levels 376-550
I place - Validus Knight; Post chaos
II place - MissTaken; Lightmark
III place - Idontbelieveyou

Thank you for participating!



Today from 14:30 we will have some work on the server, that why the game will be down for 30 minutes. Don't worry, we are doing it for stable and better server work.

Thank you, your Administration


Black Friday Sales on Darkswords

If the fee is paid with Zenny, the discount is 40%
For example, a clan paid with plat will cost 800 plat tech fee and 50 pt dealer fee.
If paid with Zenny it will cost 600 zenny and 50 pt dealer fee.

Do you want an FREE ZENNY LOTTO?
With every purchase of 50 Zenny you will get a Zenny lotto. So for example? if you buy 250 Zenny, you will get 5 Zenny lotto for FREE!!!
But hurry up, cause this offer is only available from Friday, November 24 10:00 am server time until Saturday, November 26, 10:00 am server time.
You can contact any staff member in game for your order. And lotto you will get during 24 hours from zenny purchase. Also, all who will buy more than 100 zenny will get Portable Laboratory for FREE

We refreshed zenny shop items, so now you can find there:

Medium Fishing Chest:Fishing pole 1; Improved jigs 15; Horn of plenty 3; Dynamit Stick 10;
Look here

Large Fishing Chest:Fishing pole 2; Improved jigs 20; Horn of plenty 6; Dynamit Stick 20; Look here

Medium Farming Chest:Mechanic mower 1; Each of fertilizer 200; Irrigation water 200; Horn of plenty 1; Each type of seeds 40; Druidic grindstone 100 and 1 Lifegiving seed pot;
Look here

Large Farming Chest:Mechanic mower 1; Each of fertilizer 400; Irrigation water 400; Horn of plenty 2; Each type of seeds 80; Druidic grindstone 200 and 3 Lifegiving seed pot;
Look here

Small PVP Chest:Amphoras on choice 150; Delicious Fish Broth 40; Remove Cooldown 15; Sacrifice to Ares 5; Racial Ability to Choose 7; Potion of Divine Encouragement 1; Shamanic Soup 5; Hunters Soup 5; Potion of Secret Source 1
Look here

Medium PVP Chest:Amphoras on choice 400; Delicious Fish Broth 150; Remove Cooldown 45; Sacrifice to Ares 15; Racial Ability to Choose 20; Potion of Divine Encouragement 3; Shamanic Soup 10; Hunters Soup 10; Potion of Secret Source 5 and 3 Sphere Spirit Bottle
Look here

Large PVP Chest:Amphoras on choice 1000; Delicious Fish Broth 400; Remove Cooldown 150; Sacrifice to Ares 30; Racial Ability to Choose 70; Potion of Divine Encouragement 10; Shamanic Soup 20; Hunters Soup 20; Potion of Secret Source 10 and 6 Sphere Spirit Bottle
Look here



When: Server reboot Thursday November 23 until server reboot November 24.
Thanksgiving day is a day to give thanks for general blessings. And of course, we want to thank all of you for being with us!!!
This day there will be a well-filled Turkey on Arkijah Star. Visit him every 2 hours and he will give you one of the following items:
Gatherer generosity for 3 hours
Potion of Divine Reward
Potion of Divine Encouragement
Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy
Elixir of Divine Generosity
Potion of Divine Empathy
Potion of Divine Intervention
Potion of Divine Reflect
Relig x2 pot
Pet energy pot

During this day, the fishing rates are increased.
Also, bonuses will be active: 3x damage, 3x xp, no durability loss in pvp and pve.
Bonuses will be set about 1 hour after reboot.

Russian news can be found here


Religion Cheating

Anyone found not fighting or giving chances to religion opponent to win is considered cheating. This will result in both getting punished.

Russian news can be found here

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Ticket System
Artifact Restore
Reset Utility

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Tree of Darkness

1. MONSTER - 1170
2. Reade lrm - 1028
3. Swamp Thing - 148

18:29 12/17
Far Outpost
20:18 12/17
21:35 12/17

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