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Trade Window

Trade Window is temporarily disabeled. Update will come when it is up and running again.


Resistance brewing & Rebellion Mission

Resistance brewing
Change in brewing of resist. Will apply now with racial modificator.

Autoquest: Rebellion Mission
To simplify for low levels, changes have been made. Instead of brewing 5 plates you now need to brew 3 plates



Change to wands has been made.
Fire wands give more health, ice wands- mana and lightning wands – chance to cast.



All players using Sword as their main weapon will get 10 % increased max damage after each repeated successful hit. Seeking Blade and Focus Attack will not influence the bonus.


New Unique Monster

A Unique Boss lvl 30,000 is roaming the Savanna. He has 20 % chance to respawn, respawn time is 180 minutes and the respawn can not be forced.


Mentoring, Catalyst and Grindstones

Mentoring system had some changes – pupils will not be able to fire their mentor if he have been trained long enough by mentor.
Catalyst and Grindstones recipes will now give 500 items instead of 50


About Total Filter

Put a number for how many messages you wish to be show every round (approximatly 2 seconds) the rest will be saved in your logs.
PS: These do not apply to private chat, public chat and trade chat but apply to religion and moderator chat.


Sieges and Alternative "doll"

Sieges and war refuse
Stopwar (capitulation) will clear all clans sieges. This command will not work during the siege.

Alternative "doll"
For all players with personal avatar have new command set_sex "3", that will change the view of doll and place item slots as on game web page.


Head’s up about next client.

Next client will not be possible to use with version. Meaning; you need to download the whole client.
Attention: after installation of new client, all your information about saved passwords, map, locations and etc will be deleted.
There will be many changes in the new client; optimized loading of client graphics, optimized work with chat and minimization use of processor and memory, new set of smiles. Also many bugs have been fixed.


Dark Ceremony

Dark wedding ceremony is available in Platinum Weddings.

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Ticket System
Artifact Restore
Reset Utility

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The Titans
Triple X

Lake of Sorrow
20:21 11/26

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