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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Archive 2008



- New scheme of files, images and map caching. Not compatible with earlier version
- Added improved unicode support to all client forms and windows
- Changed smilie tags format
- New format for clan icon tags. Clan icon tags now consist of 3 numbers (i.e. old format: <1>, new: <001>)
- Unified World Map file format, open-access to the full map
- Made general optimization to chat and other inner client systems
- Hotkey


Victory Day

In celebration of the defeat of fascism in World War II the gold and experience point rates are increased by x2


Head’s up about next client.

Next client will not be possible to use with version. Meaning; you need to download the whole client.
Attention: after installation of new client, all your information about saved passwords, map, locations and etc will be deleted.
There will be many changes in the new client; optimized loading of client graphics, optimized work with chat and minimization use of processor and memory, new set of smiles. Also many bugs have been fixed.


Mods for the Chinese Server

Do you speak Chinese and wish to become a moderator? Then learn more about this possibility Press Here


International Workers Day

We congratulate everybody with International Workers Day and increasing gold to 2x Gold for the entire 1st May.


Dark Ceremony

Dark wedding ceremony is available in Platinum Weddings.


Change in ticket quest

Quest for tickets will now have time limit of 12 hours online time. In case of lose of recepy or leaving Krakken Den before killing him – wait for 12 hours and you can take the quest again.


New continent "Gale Domain"

..will be open for high levels player with 280 level equipment. There are 5 zones on the continent. The only way to get there is by the sea but to get on the ship you need a ticket. To get 5 tickets you need to accomplish a quest, from a sailor on #2 Dock in Seastone Town. The ship that goes to the new continent sails from there as well. The quest for the tickets is made of one part only, but you will need to kill at least three strong monsters. After accomplishment of the quest, players will get 5 tradable tickets for the boat. You do not need a ticket to sail back.


Today is . . .

. . . A day to remember! Our dear ArmaniG is celebrating his birthday today. We wish to congratulate him and wish him a happy and successful life.
Eu-Server Team
PS: 3x Gold until Monday morning restart


News from tech department:

Tech department have been working on a new DS web page. It will be more user friendly and with a more stylish web design, better quality of graphic and easy navigation.
At the same time there is being work done regarding change of graphic design of the game client windows and most of the game client elements interface in the image of the new web page design. The game client will change slightly functional and will become more attractive and easy to use.
There is also much work done on addition of support of Unicode to the game client. No more problems with special Unicode symbols in chat. Testing of the game client with Unicode will start on Chinese Server in one or two weeks.
Visual artists have been working on a whole set of a new regions. Soon high level players will have the opportunity to enter on a new expedition with friends for new items and adrenalin action.

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Ticket System

WyTcHeRivKah ds wikipedia

Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA


Travellers Well
21:28 09/28
Arkijah Town
08:00 09/28
08:00 09/28

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