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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Archive 2008



Maximum damage for backstab is limited to: level of daggers in one or both hands *260.



New client version is available.



- Added options to filter items in Inns and Bars
- Added moderator warning system
- Added an ability to recycle all of the items (by right-clicking the Furnace and selecting Recycle All)
- Optimized item replacement routine
- Added an ability to specify coordinates for automated travel in the World Map window
- Added a transparency slider to Options (only compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista)
- Added aggressive mode toggle(one-click attack), this setting will not be saved upon exiting
- All secondary windows should now properly close with ESC key
- Added tooltips to experience bar
- The Examine ability will automatically be used on monsters you Look at
- Fixed some memory consumption problems that affected users with Windows Vista
- Added a button for clan_set_motd ability of Clan Leaders (clan message of the day)
- A few minor changes and corrections


Crucible Furnace

In Platinum Pot Shops there is a Crucible Furnace that will enable you to recycle things in your backpack. While recycling you will get bars that you can sell in the shops for 33% of the items original cost. Bars do not have any weight and the cost of a Crucible Furnace is 150 platinum. The Crucible Furnace can not be looted.


Magical Scaner

It is now posible to use the Magical Scaner to locate enemies at clan wars aswell as for religion hunting.


Latest News with Familiars

It is now possible to change Name and Avatar of your familiar. The price of this is the same as changing own name and avatar; Name 100 platinum, Avatar 500 platinum + Dealers fee.



- Players who is killed in PvP will be in knockdown for one minute and also recieve some traumatic effects.
- Players who dies during the siege fights (members of the sieging and defending clans) will be knockdowned for 5 minutes if they have 0 clan exp left.
- Under the declaration of siege, there will be automaticly given declaration of war to all clans in the allience with the clan who ownes the sieging land. If war accepted by one of the clan member of the allience then all the other clan members of that allience will accept the war too.


Assassin Quest ending

Last round of Assassin Quest will be upcoming weekend - do not miss it!


Tournament and Quiz

Tournament activity will be increased with the new Referee status. Also Quizes performed by the QuizMaster will be increased.


New Year Lottery Artefacts

You can get your lottery artefacts in Reinburst page for free.
Also dont forget to set the paramenters of your lottery artefacts in the Artefact page. Its free the first time.
NOTE: While redistribution of parameters, do not upgrade them (setting higher doing this you will be charged as ussual).

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Ticket System

26% 23% 23% 28%

Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA

Gold Lotto Top:
1) Hellboy jocker - 247
2) -Gogi- - 201
3) Mooky - 99
Emerald Lotto Top:
1) Hotan - 52
2) DiaAvoL - 4

Lost Pyramid
21:46 08/14
Underground Town
20:23 08/14

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