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Character : Magic and skills. Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords

Magic System

Dark Swords magic system includes a big spectrum of spells which need the certain quantity of mana - spent while applying either magic to the target. The spells in Dark Swords are divided into attack - of direct and mass effect, and healing - which can be of direct and mass effect as well. The learning of spells and leveling up happens automatically when level is obtained in the appropriate magical guild. Thus, 1st level in Guild of Flame gives character access to the spell "Fireball", following this guild levels make this spell more powerful and perfect.

There are 3 schools of fighting magic and according to this - 3 elements: Flame, Cold and Lightning. Fighting spells counteraction is accomplished by either element "resistance", which depends on a number of parameters, educational levels in guilds and character equipment.

The success of either spell unlike ordinary attacks doesn't depend on Hit Chance, but Sorcery Chance which is under direct influence of character Intelligence parameter value. Sorcery chance can also be increased by using more technologically advanced staffs, as well as developing staffs within the limits of item developing system.

There are other effects, related to magic, within the limits of character fighting system. In most cases they are caused by using magical items: elixirs. Those effects are: Tranquilizer, which forbids fight escape; and Antidote, which neutralizes Tranquilizer effect. Genre kinds of applied magic include, but are not limited by: Rolls and Teleportation Elixirs to the main cities of continent, character remains returning remedies and other.

Skills of the Characters

Along with the system of magic Dark Swords offers to players a wide range of active and passive skills of the character. With active here are meant the skills which usage is controlled by the player (for example, Secrecy); passive skills in fact are knowledges of character and its effects are frequent (one of such skills, for example, is Double Weapon). Skills are studied, as well as incantations in appropriate Schools, Guilds and Academies.

Let’s examine some of the skills. Stroke in the Back – passive skill, that allows the Character to strike on the sly. Works out automatically when observing following conditions: the character of the player and the opponent are not in a fight, the oponent is absolutely healthy, the character is equipped with an armour kind of "Dagger" in his right hand . In case of success, that depends on the level of skill of the character and the meaning of characteristic Dexterity of the Character and the purpose, the loss, that would be made with the stroke incerses proportionally to the level of the skill (up to triple increase). The probability of succes of the Stroke in the Back of the character, who is hidden successfully from the opponent is 100%. Secrecy – active skill, by using which character enters the Secrecy mode. In this mode manna of the character is spended with some interval; as soon as amount of the manna is finished, the mode is deactivated automatically. The mode of Secrecy also gets deactivated when character enters the battle. Chances to hide successfully depend on Dexterity of the character and of the opponent, as well as on the level of the skill Secrecy. Double Weapon – passive skill, that allows the character to use the weapon in the left hand and defines the level of weapon mastery. Depending on the level of the skill character gets from 25% till 75% of base characteristics Loss and Chance of the Stroke of the weapon in the left hand.

Ticket System
Artifact Restore
Reset Utility

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Vote: levels range
1) 375 max: 24
2) 550 max: 21

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