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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Mouse Quest

Mouse Quest

We all were newbies once and hunted mice...
Its time we know how they felt!


Мышиный Телепорт After announcement from Administrator in public chat, all players online, in according level range, will automatically receive soulbound Mouse Teleport. After this the quest starts immediately and has 30 minutes duration. If participating you can use the teleport immediately, you will be teleported to the quest area «star» and automatically «born» there. (At the end of the quest all participants will receive quest «returners», teleported to Arkijah town and «born» on the star).

Event place.

план Мышиных Нор Map of the quest area is shown on the right. «Star», on which you start the quest - peaceful zone. The remaining location is a lawful zone, mass magic works only on selected attacked monster, battles between players are prohibited, except attacks on «outlaws».

Мышеловка Кот Lower corridor is completely safe, on the opposite side is Laboratory; on the places marked with green you can meet quest mice: Cheese Taster, Bread Taster and Meat Taster. There are Loaves (yellow label), Loaf of Bread (blue label) and Meat (pink label) on the top part of the quest area.

Be careful - aggressive Cat (level 10000) watches these stores, and in the tunnels on the way to it, you can get into one of six Traps (aggressive mobs level 10000 ), which periodically change their location.


Дегустатор Буханка Хлеба Each rat Taster specializes on one of three type of products and gives tasks. It is neccessary to take a task from Taster, then go to relevant product and loot needed trophy (Piece of Cheese from Loaves, Piece of Meat from Meat, Piece of Bread from Loaf of Bread). With this trophy you need to return to the Taster as soon as possible and pass the quest - as reward you receive Checked Cheese, Checked Bread or Checked Meat.

Кусочек Хлеба In the case of death, object of current task will be lost as well as current task token of Taster will have status «Failed», ie. player will have to take the task again. Quest trophies can not be received, if you did not take a task of Rat.


Проверенный Хлеб Проверенный Балык Проверенный Сыр To win at the quest you need to make Sandwiches as much as possible. Finish all three Tasters tasks, collecting Checked Cheese, Checked Bread and Checked Meat, go to Laboratory, put a Checked Bread and press «Brew».
Finished Sandwich can also be received from killing Mice King.

Goals of the quest.

Бутерброд Goal of the quest is to take a place in the top ten awardees. Awardees – ten participants, who collected the maximum amount of Sandwiches. Individual prize fund of each player entered the top ten of awardees, depends on collected amount of Sandwiches. We strongly recommend you do not throw them out or give to other players.

The prize fund.

Платиновая Мышь Three awardees, who collect the maximum amount of Sandwiches, receive commemorative «Mice medals» with a bonus (+15%, +10%, +5% to the life and mana) for 2 weeks. For all ten awardees each collected Sandwich will change to five Quest Points, for other participants these tokens will be removed.


Date Time Level
6 of March 23:00 Server Time 100 - 299
7 of March 23:00 Server Time 300 - 499
9 of March 23:00 Server Time 500 - 540

15:31 2020, 11/29 - Server Time (EET)

Ticket System

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Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA


Fishers Seaside
20:22 11/29
Miners Village
20:41 11/29
Lake of Sorrow
22:00 11/29

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