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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Monopoly.


Teleport to monopoly After the announcement of an administrator in the general chat every player of the appropriate level, being online, will automatically receive personalized Teleport to monopoly. From this moment begins the countdown of the party which will last 45 minutes.

In order to participate the teleport should be used immediately, then your character will be located on the starting cell («Star») of Monopoly, where it will be automatically «borned» (after quest completion, all participants will receive quest «returners» and will be taken to Arkijah and «borned» there).

Every character flew into the Monopoly zone gets personal items: «dice» for implementation of moves and 1500 «monopoly coins» for the purchase of keys.


playing field The Monopoly plan is shown on the right. It consists of two parts - the outer perimeter, where the basic game actions take place (this is a peace zone - can not attack even «outlaws» here) and Cloud Zone - bonus area ( zone of chaos - other characters can be attacked with out loss of experience and points; each visitor after spending 30 seconds in the Cloud Zone will be teleported to external perimeter of the cell - the «star»).

On each side of the outer perimeter the are situated: Labs, needed to make the necessary in-game «Bunch of keys» and Gambling houses, inhabited by quest mobs - Bookmakers (marked with a question mark on a plan).

8 different «workshops» are marked on the plan with different colors. The territory of each department has 3 cells, which are the subject of game property, and one empty cell (which may be occupied by a laboratory or a gambling house).

Corner cells of outside perimeter: Money-changer's shop (the starting cell - «star»), Prison, Slavery and Katorga behave actively against the character located on them, let's consider some details:
Money-changer's shop after 30 seconds from character's entering time on the "star" it moves that character forward on a random distance (from 1 to 6 cells anti-clockwise).
• If you get on a Prison or Katorga cells, your character will get a knock-down for 30 seconds, during which he will not be able to move. After the termination of a knockdown the character will be thrown out to the random distance (from 1 to 6 cells anti-clockwise).
• When landing on a Slavery cell, your character will get a knock-down for 60 seconds, during which it is impossible to move. At the end of a knockdown time character will be thrown into the starting cell («star»).


dice • The main way to get around the outer perimeter of the playing field - the use of a «dice» (analogous to the use of elixirs - double click, for example). With it you can make anti-clockwise moves not more than 1 every 10 seconds, at the distance of 1 to 6 cells (chosen randomly for each «roll»).

cheating dice • An alternative way to travel along the outer perimeter - «cheating dice» (10 of single-use blocks can be purchased for 300 coins at Clerk's on a starting cell). Its action is similar to «dice», but each use allows you to move for 1 cell counter-clockwise.

• Moving with the help of a «dice» through the start cell your character will always be stopped exactly on it. One way or another you will visit Money-changer's shop which is a full circle.

• Moving in the bonus territory of the Cloud Zone is made in a way that is usual to our world in any direction.

• Holders of the «Bunch of keys» can move freely in all four cells of a «workshop» corresponding to the color of the bunch.

Property and income.

property first keyBying property is made through a quest, which you can get and assign to a concrete «cottage». Each property has its fixed price (in monopoly coins), assigned in the terms of this quest (it's been duplicated in each of the locations on the plan above). While in the same cell with a concrete «cottage» you accept its quest, and then immediately deliver it (with a second mouse click). In this case you will receive an appropriate «key», which determines your right for a property. Buying a key from a particular «cottage» can be done no more than once every 2 minutes.

third key • When you become the owner of all three keys of one colour from the various «cottages» of one «workshop» - you can start making the «Bunch of keys». To do this you need to be located in a Lab, and put the key with a paper tag as a recipe on the table and click «Brew».

second keyHaving a bunch of keys gives you following opportunities: free movement in all cells of a «workshop»; receiving «income» (10% of property value) from other players, who are at the same time located with you in any cell of the corresponding «workshop». To do this you must use a bunch(like the use of any of the elixir, unlimited number of uses, but not more than 1 every 10 seconds).

Bunch of keysAdditional revenue can be received in case of using a bunch of keys while anther character with the same bunch of keys is located in the same cell. In this case, he loses his bunch (a character will lose only one bunch of keys in case of possessing more than one), but you get the half of its value in the form of «monopoly coins». Be vigilant - similar attack may be used against you.

Poverty and bankruptcy.

monopoly coins • You can continue playing even if you run out of coins.

• All key purchasing, «cheating dice» or Bookmaker's quests allow partial payment - in case you lack money, the quest mob will take all currency and will give you the quest results only when you bring the rest of the necessary amount of money.

• However, if somebody will attack your character, and if there will be not enough available coins for covering the necessary costs, it will automatically trigger a «bankruptcy» procedure. This means that all keys and bunches of keys, that are in inventory of a character will be «sold» for a half of its nominal value and coins that were «gained» this way will be given out to a player. If at the time of «bankruptcy» a character has no assets, that could have been sold this way, he leaves the game - teleports to Arkijah town with a born on the «star».

Bonuses and risks.

ClerkClerk offers 2 quests at a starting cell:
«Your dividends» - not more than once in 2 minutes you can get a guaranteed sum of 200 coins;
«Cheating dice» - for 300 coins you can get 10 «cheating dice», that were mentioned earlier.

BookmakerBookmaker in a Gambling House offers you to play for 200 coins - quest «Let's wager!». Chances to win or lose are equal here: in case of a win you get 400 coins for your bet, in case of a loss - you get nothing. This quest can be done not more than once in 2 minutes independently of a Bookmakers position.

AlchemistAlchemist in the Lab («Unbelievable potion» quest - not more than once in 2 minutes) offers you to have a taste of his mixture, which can either throw you in a nockdown for 30 seconds, or teleport the character to Cloud Zone. Cloud zone is inhabited by Clouds Profits - monsters of 0 level, by killing which you get 100 coins.

Quest goal.

Goal of the quest – is to invest in «Bunches of keys» the most possbile amount of coins. In other words, when calculating the results not the number of «bunches» will be taken into account but their total value.

Prize fund.

distinguishing mark of monopolist Players who scored for first three places get the memorial gifts - «bunches of keys» with a bonus (+15%, +10%, +5% to life and mana) for 2 weeks. Ten best players of the game will receive Quest points as follows: 300, 250, 200, 100 .. 100.


Date Time Levels
20 of December 23:00 Server Time 100 - 299
21 of December 23:00 Server Time 300 - 499
22 of December 23:00 Server Time 500 - 540

14:52 2020, 11/29 - Server Time (EET)

Ticket System

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Elements of Darkness
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Fishers Seaside
20:22 11/29
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