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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Thanksgiving Lottery.

To celebrate the Thanksgiving day a lottery draw will be held on 26 of November. On that day each ticket that you have bought will be transformed in to one of the gifts that are listed below. Ticket will be available in every Platinum Shop after server restart.

Experience pot 100.000 (5 pieces) - Increases character battle experience (for 500 and above level players) for 100.000.

Curse of Greed - will kill any person who tries to loot your body if you have this item in your backpack. Works 30 times. You will be notified when somebody tries to loot your body.

Insurance Contract - Upon death of character, your body will be teleported to the star along with you. This effect is for 24 hours. Will not disappear in case of owners death.

Indulgence - Removes one religion defeat from the character.

Potion of Divine Intervention - 12 hours duration. Loses 1 hour of duration upon character death. Religion Experience will not be lost upon death. One religion death compensates with 1h of the pot effect.

Potion of Divine Encouragement (10 pieces) - 1 hour of duration. Religion Experience is multiplied by x3 after each kill, no matter of religion status.

Elixir of Divine Generosity (10 pieces) - 1 hour of duration. 3x gold drop from monsters.

Potion of Divine Empathy (10 pieces) - 1 hour of duration. Aggressive monster do not attack.

Elixir of Divine Reward (10 pieces) - 1 hour of duration. 3x experience gain.

Stealth (5 pieces) - Activates the ability of "Stealth" with 100% chance, even if the character has not studied the relevant guild.

Vigilance (5 pieces) - Prevents a skill "sleight of hand" use on you. Duration - 45 minutes.

Buffout - Immediately givesa character all positive buffs, such as Tiger Strengh, Feline Grace, Bears Blood, Light Steps, Paladin Aura, Sanctuary and ec. ( except Radiant Sphere, Iron Skin, Element resist).

Light of Messiah - Give spell Sanctuary [1] with duration of 10 minutes to all members of the group with 100% chance.

Mass Tranquilizator (3 pieces) - Affects whole group. All group members can not flee from the fight.

Universal Mass Trap (3 pieces) - Have similar effect as an Universal Trap, but affects whole group when someone from it gets into the trap.

Clan Mass Trap (3 pieces) - Have similar effect as Clan Trap, but affects whole group when someone from it gets into the trap.

Ticket to Doctor Kronus - will get you to the Mutant Forest. It works as transcontinental teleportation scroll.

Divine Antiseptic (5 pieces) - cure all character diseases ("Dogs distemper", "Disorientation", "Mumps", "Inadequacy") with 100% effectiveness.

Elixir of Divine Genetics - 1 hour duration. It raises the chance for a positive result by 5% while using genes.

Elixir of Quickened Evolution - 1 hour duration. It will increase your raise count by 1 level while using genes.

Gods Genetic Longevity (3 pieces) - 6 hours duration. Lengthen the time of genes effect of lvl 10 and above.

Remove Cooldown (3 pieces) - Removes effect of Cooldown on character (during fight or not).

Remove Exhaution (3 pieces) - Removes effect of Exhaustion on character (during fight or not).

Ticket System

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Fishers Seaside
20:22 11/29
Miners Village
20:41 11/29
Lake of Sorrow
22:00 11/29

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