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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Skills : Reflect Shield

The skill given allows to treat the shield in the left hand of so-called stick (for the Shield of Faith); characters with this skill in separate cases are able to absorb magical loss with the shield. In such cases magical loss decreases for the part of index of shield Protection. The skill also increases the chance that the stroke of the enemy will hit the shield.

Formulas Formulas

FCH = CH+LV %, where

FCH - Final chance of working out of skill Shield of Faith;

CH - Original chance of working out of skill Shield of Faith;

LV - Level of skill.

TCH = 10+LV/2 %, where

TCH - Chance to block the stroke or to absorb magical loss with the shield;

LV - Level of skill.

FMD = MD-(MD*(ABS/100)*((LV+10)/100)), where

FMD - Final magical damage;

MD - Original magical loss;

LV - Level of skill;

ABS - Indexes of shield Protection.

Ticket System

24% 25% 26% 25%

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