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Principal diference of this incantations from other incantations of temporary effect is that it has a chance of successful application (50% when applied to yourself, 33% - to other characters). Besides, mana expense for this incantation is equal to the value given in percents (Mana column) in the table below of maximum amount of character mana. Character under affection of this character receives resistivity to any kins of loss of 50%. Duration: 180 seconds of real time.

Academy of Healers
Level Guild Level Effect Мana
1 15 Special 17%

Ticket System
Artifact Restore
Reset Utility

22% 24% 27% 27%

Elements of Darkness
Victorias Secret
Black Tears
Team Kakashi

Christmas Present top:
1) Zirka smerty - 21750
2) mogar - 15344
3) DEATH NOTE - 6576

Brown Mountains
20:32 01/18
Bandits Camp
15:48 01/18
Battle Yard
08:00 01/18

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