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Having 30 religion levels in religion fights you have a chance to get a special reward for kill. The difference between solo and group reward is, that in solo fight you have a bigger chance for rare and special items. Here is a list of all, what can be get from reward chest:

Gold in amount - 5 000 000; 10 000 000 and 15 000 000.
Zenny in amount - 2 zenny; 3 zenny or 5 zenny.

Indulgence - Removes one religion loss from the character.

Insurance Contract - (2 items) Upon death, all items will be teleported to the Star together with the owner. Every death will decrease the duration by 20% from current time (but no more than 60 minutes).

Elixir of Divine Reward - (1 pieces) Loses 10 minutes of duration upon character death. 3x experience gain.

Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy (1 pieces) - Undispellable effect of Unexcelled Accuracy (100% chance to hit against monsters). Will not disappear in case of owners death. Lasts 10 minutes.

Elixir of Divine Generosity (1 peices) - 3x gold drop from monsters. Lasts 1 hour.

Ares Victim - After use (during fight or not) there will be a world message about the War God Ares watching all warriors. The first religion battle winner after this message will receive 3x religion exp additionaly to available bonuses of religion statuses.

Godly Quintessence of Reign of Gods +25 - Quintessence what applies same type of essence what been used on the item, with 100% success rate and +25 with use.

Disease to choose - (2 chests) After use, allows you to give disease to your enemy with a 10% chance. Lasts 3 hours 45 minutes.

Racial ability to choose - (3 chests) After opening, the character can select one of the racial ability to use.

Mass Teleport To the Reign of Hades - Teleport all group members to Reign of Hades.

Mass Teleport To the Mutant Forest - Teleport all group members to Mutant Forest.

Mass Teleport To the Centaur Island - Teleport all group members to the Centaur Island.

Mass Teleport To the North - Teleport all group members to the North.

Mass Tranquilizer - (2 pieces) Affects the whole enemy group. All group members cannot flee from the fight.

Bomb pack - Gives one random bomb (Smoke bomb, Flash bomb, Stun bomb, Electromagnetic bomb or Earthquake bomb)

Santa bag - Gives x2 carry weight on character. Last 24 hours.

Sphere Spirit Bottle - Gives +5% to HP and MP. Can use 3 spheres at same time

Flower Chest - Can select one of Azdrubals flowers that gives +100% to any of stat. Last 2 hours. Can use one flower at same time.

Fighter of Generosity - Gives +5% to MP and HP, also +25% to religion experience. Duration 24 hours.

Day Cup Chest - Can select one of Day Tourney Cup that gives +10% to any of stat. Duration 24 hours.

Bronze cup - Gives +5% to MP and HP. Duration 7 days.

Genetics Potion 7d - Gives you effect of genetic subscription. If you use this potion, you will receive all genes of level 20 right away. Duration 7 days.

Pet energy potion - Restores pet's MP. Cannot be used in a fight.

Damage bonus pot x2 - Gives x2 damage on Monsters. Duration 2 hours

Damage bonus pot x3 - Gives x3 damage on Monsters. Duration 4 hours

Damage bonus pot x4 - Gives x4 damage on Monsters. Duration 6 hours

Professional Experience bonus pot x2 - Gives x2 professional experience. Duration 2 hours.

Professional Experience bonus pot x3 - Gives x3 professional experience. Duration 4 hours.

Professional Experience bonus pot x4 - Gives x4 professional experience. Duration 6 hours.

Clan Experience bonus pot x2 - Gives x2 clan experience. Duration 2 hours.

Clan Experience bonus pot x3 - Gives x3 clan experience. Duration 4 hours.

Clan Experience bonus pot x4 - Gives x4 clan experience. Duration 6 hours.

Removal of cooldown - (3 pieces) The elixir will remove the Cooldown effect.

Divine Antiseptic - (10 pieces) cure all character diseases ("Dogs distemper", "Disorientation", "Mumps", "Inadequacy") with 100% effectiveness.

Vaccination - Gives 100% immunity from diseases (Mumps, Inadequacy, Daze, Dogs Distemper). Duration 30 minutes

Universal Trap - Catches any enemy religion opponents. Duration 2 minutes

Delicious Fish Broth - (15 pieces) Gives effect of: Wisdom of the owl; Steel body; Bears blood; Tigers strength; Frenzy; Astral carnival; Colossal endurance; Sanctuary; Feline grace

Ancient Amphora of Mana - (15 pieces) Gives x2 MP with duration: 10 seconds

Ancient Amphora of Health - (15 pieces) Gives x2 HP with duration: 10 seconds

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