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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Heresy

«When the sky is turning black, you fear the dawn
Your inner voice compels you, but you're all alone
Thy secret sense lies still obscure within your
shattered dreams,
and all you can do is scream...»


Teleport to Medieval Square After announcement from Administrator in system chat, all players online, in according level range, will automatically receive soulbound Heresy Teleport. After this the quest starts immediately and will run for 30 minutes. You will have to use your gained teleport in order to participate in this challenge, after using it you will be teleported to Medieval square. (At the end of the quest all participants will receive quest "returners" and will be teleported back to the star of their previous "born" location).

Place of action.

Medieval Square plan Medieval Square plan is shown on the right. The "star" where you start, is a peaceful zone; you cannot attack even the "outlaws" here. The territory – order area, mass magic of the players works only on focused target here, fighting conflicts between players are forbidden, except for «trespasser» attacking; in case of any fighting conflict between players religious experience is neither gained nor lost and corresponding ratings do not change; on this territory are randomly moving Zombies. Attention! If you use "Road Home" during the quest, you will be teleported to your birth place, meaning you will leave the quest zone!


ZombieFor killing mob zombie customary quest participant gets personal item - page of Heresy. Though with a certain possibility a player can get 1 minute of «Heretic» or «Inquisitor» effect (chances to get it are equal). Along with «Heretic» effect a player gets 1 minute Heretic avatar. More details on the properties of the game in these two states are written below.

Heretics and Inquisitors.

Player For killing Zombie «Heretics» get not one, but three pages of Heresy. This effect adds a player 300.000 of life and 100.000 of mana, rarely effect is hightened by additional 1.000 of damage reflection.

For killing Zombie «Inquisitor» doesn't get anything, but «Inquisitor» gets one Templar's token for killing every «Heretic». Effect of «Inquisitor» adds a player 300.000 of physical and magical damage and 300 of suppression.

Quest goals.

Heresy First goal of the quest – get in the Top ten awardees. Awardees - ten participants, that scored maximal amount of Heresy pages for killing Zombies.

Templar tokens Second goal of the quest – get as much as possible of Templar's tokens, that a player gets for killing «Heretics». Individual prize fund, a place in the top ten winners and thus presents are not depending on the amount of gathered Heresy pages, but Templar tokens. We insist on not throwing out the Tokens and pages of Heresy and not trying to pass them to other players before scoring results will be announced.

Prize fund.

Памятный знак Тамплиера Three winners, who will score maximum amount of Tokens, get memorable «Tampler sign» with bonus of (+15%, +10%, +5% to life and mana) for 2 weeks. All ten winner's scored Tokens will be converted 1 to 10 into Quest Points, trophies from others will be taken away.


Date Time Levels
7 of June 21:00 Server Time 100 - 299
1 of June 07:00 Server Time 300 - 499
1 of June 22:00 Server Time 500 - 540

14:48 2020, 11/29 - Server Time (EET)

Ticket System

WyTcHeRivKah ds wikipedia

Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA


Fishers Seaside
20:22 11/29
Miners Village
20:41 11/29
Lake of Sorrow
22:00 11/29

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