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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Halloween

Halloween Event

For this event every player can choose and change their avatars for the Halloween party. To change avatar you need to select one from the following and use commands \halloween "number of avatar" (for example \halloween "2"). Avatars will be changed back after event ends.







Halloween Gifts.

In this quest you will need to put together a Skull. By killing monsters that have a level 100 levels higher than you do, you have a chance to receive one of nine parts of a Skull. After collecting all 9 pieces, place the central piece on the “table” in Laboratory and make the Skull. When used, Skull will give you a choice of Halloween gifts. After using, Halloween gift will appear in the gifts section and will stay there for 15 days. Can use only one gift at a time.

Skull gives you a choice of these gifts:
1 x Halloween gift of Mind 15 days - gives +20% to INT. Lasts 15 days
1 x Halloween gift of Sorcery 15 days - gives +20% to MP. Lasts 15 days
1 x Halloween gift of Life 15 days - gives +20% to HP. Lasts 15 days
1 x Halloween gift of Power 15 days - gives +20% to STR. Lasts 15 days
1 x Halloween gift of Might 15 days - gives +20% to CON. Lasts 15 days
1 x Halloween gift of Quickness 15 days - gives +20% to DEX. Lasts 15 days

By killing monsters that have a level 100 levels higher level than you do, you also have a chance to receive one of:
Damage bonus pot x2 - Gives x2 damage on Monsters. Duration 2 hours
Damage bonus pot x3 - Gives x3 damage on Monsters. Duration 4 hours
Professional Experience bonus pot x2 - Gives x2 professional experience. Duration 2 hours
Treasure of Anubis - Gives x2 more gold for 1 hour
Elixir of Divine Generosity - 3x gold drop from monsters. Lasts 1 hour
Level Experience bonus pot x2 - Increase experience from monsters for x2, if there is also server bonus x2 , it will make total exp bonus x3
Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy - 100% chance to hit against monsters. Will not disappear in case of owners death. Lasts 1 hour
Potion of Divine Empathy - Aggressive monster do not attack. Duration 1h
Mars Lotto - item from which you can receive different pots, which will help you in game.

Khortitsa Region.

Khortitsa region is open, you can buy teleport in Akr Pot Shop. From mobs there you can get meteorite or Perfect Chaotic Substance, which will give you valuable prizes and 1% chance to get 25 religion experience!

Ticket System

WyTcHeRivKah ds wikipedia

Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA


Fishers Seaside
20:22 11/29
Miners Village
20:41 11/29
Lake of Sorrow
22:00 11/29

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