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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Easter's Lotto will include Rune pots and Super Teleport to Arkijah, which can teleport you from any continent, new Antibomb and pots on relig exp!

Insurance Contract - Upon death, all items will be teleported to the Star together with the owner. Every death will decrease the duration by 20% from current time (but no more than 60 minutes).

Guild Reset (1 pieces) - allows the player to remove it's current Race, Base Stats, Avatar and Guild Levels and replace them with new ones.

Religion Reset (1 pieces) - allows the player to replace Religion Levels them with new ones.

Elixir of Divine Reward (1 pieces) - Loses 1 hour of duration upon character death. 3x experience gain. Lasts 1 hour.

Potion of Divine Intervention (10 items) - Loses 20% of duration upon death (but no more than 60 minutes). Religion Experience will not be lost upon death.(12 hours)

Elixir of Divine Generosity (10 peices) - 3x gold drop from monsters. Lasts 1 hour.

Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy (1 pieces) - Undispellable effect of Unexcelled Accuracy (100% chance to hit against monsters). Will not disappear in case of owners death. Lasts 1 hour.

Ares Victim (5 items) - After use (during fight or not) there will be a world message about the War God Ares watching all warriors. The first religion battle winner after this message will receive 3x religion exp additionaly to available bonuses of religion statuses.

Voodoo Doll (5 items) - Can be used while on the «star», within 5 minutes after death by the hands of another character. The «cursed» character must be in game online. Then within 30 minutes of real time (by being only in chaos and in the areas of religious wars for owners of active religious tendencies) «cursed» character will have a possibility to «sink into the ground with shame» at every step. The action of this effect is similar to trap, with the duration of the lock = 1 minute. Doll Owner will instantly receive information about the place where the «curse» has happened.

Sphere Spirit Bottle - Gives +5% to HP and MP. Can use 3 spheres at same time

Racial Ability to Choose (10 items) - Gives one of racial abilities.

Removing of Select (10 items) - Can get Remove Cooldown or Remove Exhaustion

Dynamite (5 items) - For 10 seconds stuns all players on the square. If being used on a boat, it immediately gives catch similar to 100 uses of fishing pole (have effect of «Improved Jig»; Character proficient level of «fishing» wont influent the catch; Does not improve skill «fishing» ).

Horn of Plenty (5 items) - 1h duration. Gives the character effect, in which the following types of professions will give a quantitative result, is threefold: fishing, herbalism, mining, harvesting. It only lasts around 15 minutes if the character is aboard a ship.

Druidic Grindstone(25 items) - When collecting harvest can cut the whole bush of plants in locations at once. In the case of a successful attempt consumes 1 grindstone.

Universal Trap 2 m (5 items) - holds in the location where trap is set for 120 seconds, characters which are available for attack.

Fighter of Generosity - Gives MP +5%, HP +5% and +25% religion experience. Last 24 hours.

Pet energy potion - Restore pet's mana to 100%. Has cooldown for 15 minutes.

Potion of Double Rune Amount - Gives 2 pets rune from mobs. Last 1 hour.

Potion of Rune Chance - Gives higher chance to get a rune from mob. Last 1 hour.

Genetics Potion 7d - Gives Genetics Subscriptions for 7 days.

Relig exp bonus pot x1.5 - Increase religion experience for x1.5, if there is also server bonus maximal cup will be x2 anyway.

Antibomb - If you use this bomb, noone on location where you are can't use any type of bomb. Duration - 10 mins.

Clan Vault Certificate - Extends Clan Inn when used by clan leader. Duration of extension 30 days.

Level Experience bonus pot x2 - Increase experience from monsters for x2, if there is also server bonus x2 , it will make total exp bonus x3.

Super Teleport to Arkijah (3 items) - Teleports you to Arkijah from any Continent.

Deportation on Select 2(5 items) - Gives one of deportation to Mutant Forest/Reign of Hades/Centaur Island

Super Snack for Familiar - All experience received by player is multiplied by 2 and directed to his\her Familiar (the character do not receive any of the experience). After 300 player level you can get as much experience for pet as before

Light of Messiah(3 items) - Give spell Sanctuary [1] with duration of 10 minutes to all members of the group with 100% chance.

Summon Otter - Gives Otter pet

Summon Genie - Gives Genie pet

Summon Dragon on Choice - Gives Dragon pet on choose

Flower Chest - Can select one of Azdrubals flowers that gives +100% to any of stat. Last 2 hours. Can use one flower at same time.

Godly Quintessence of Reign of Gods +25 - Quintessence what applies same type of essence what been used on the item, with 100% success rate and +25 with use.

Ticket System

28% 22% 23% 27%

Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA

Cows Farm
21:52 05/26
Forest Spring
08:27 05/27
08:26 05/27

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