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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Cross-Server Tournament

    «Suddenly a gust of wind came up from the North,
    there appeared a lone rider, holding a sword of steel,
    then from the south came another, bearing a battle axe,
    from the east came a third holding a spiked club,
    and finally from the west, a rider who wielded
    a Great Hammer of War...»

    Preparation for tournament.

    On March 6 at 5 PM GMT there will be the fourth cross-server team tournament. The quota for each of the four servers = 2 teams of 15 players (for RU and UA servers part can be reduced in the presence of a team players with artifact modifiers above 1.0, ec., (Total artifact weight of a team max 1800 ; 1.0 mod artifact player = 10 art.weight; 1.5 mod = 15 art.weight; 2.0 mod = 20 art.weight). Each team selects a responsible person who is responsible for the attendance of team members and maintains contact with the managers of the tournament.

    Fighter ticketOn March 5 untill 5 PM GMT all team leaders have to decide on their team and provide this information to the Administration. After that each team leader will receive tickets-teleports for their team members. Player will be teleported to special preparing room ( seperate for each team) after using the ticket-teleport, each team member need to Born at the room star (not later than 30 minutes before tournament).

    For participants from EU, SU and UA servers after using preparing room ticket-teleport and setting Born there need to log off and order character transfer to RU server through «SETTINGS» section MISC on site. In some time a character will be transferred to RU server and be possible to log into the Tournament server using a login "character name".eu ( , and etc. ).


    Forbidden to use:
    Momental artifacts above 1.0 mod;
    • any infections like "Dog distemper", "Deportation" etc.;
    • any undispellable buff pots from past lotteries;
    • platinum (through present shop) and quest bonus presents ("squirrel elixir", "Five Spheres", "Santa Bag" and etc.).
    A team what use any of them will be disqualified.

    Any of Deportation pot
    Any of undispellable buff pot
    Any mass Bomb
    Vanish pot
    Any Infection pot
    Any platinum present
    Any quest bonus present


    пример: Двойной Удар Очистить Умения Gaining religion skills.Participants who want to raise their level of religion during the tournament, will be able to buy soulbound elixirs(price = 1 gold) at the gladiators room, which for 15 minutes gives them indispersible cumulative effect that enhances the skill level of the corresponding profile of religious guilds (no more than 15 Total for each, including studied, but not more than 58 effects total with the studied religious guilds). With a help of these elixirs only Testament of Life can not be increased. To remove all the increased skills received from elixirs is possible by the pot «Remove Skills». These special elixirs can be used only at gladiators rooms.

    пример: Заветы Ненависти Earning religion experience. All wins in the zone of the tournament will be counted as religious in terms of getting a religious experience, if both participants had active religion at the time of killing (loss of religion experience is excluded). No matter if their religion Cults were the same or different. Thus obtained victories and defeats will not be counted in the religion raitings.

    Scheme of process.

    карта ристалища Transferred teams will be located at seperate locations with all necessary locations as - inn, bank, laboratory, platinum alchemy and regular alchemy with 300+ elixirs. There will be 10 minutes prepairing warning before fight starts, time will be counting down. During this time teams have to prepare and move to spot «Exit» ( on the map signed as red cross). After the countdown, teams will be automatically moved from this spot to the appropriate arena where the battle will begin immediately. After fights teams will be teleported back to their preparing locations then new time countdown will start for the next round.

    On tournament arenas it wont be possible to lose/gain clan experience, body arrives to a star with an owner upon the death. (Alliance raiting bonus will be switched off during the tournament).


    Team RU 1:
    Team RU 2:
    Team SU 1:
    Rage of Fallen
    Team SU 2:
    Mad MaXX ?
    Sladkiy SEX
    G r i z l i
    King of Pain
    Mirra de Ozr
    Team EU 1:
    Team EU 2:
    Team UA 1:
    Team UA 2:

    Ben Laden

    Tournament Table.

    Before the match there will be a draw held, to determine which team from each server will get the first and second sub-group. In the subgroups there will be 6 fights "everyone with everyone", that is, for each team there will be 3 battles. As a result of these battles we will determine who the winning subgroups are - 1st and 2nd Place. We will be left only 2 best teams from both groups, 1st place team from first group will fight 2nd place team from second group and 1st place team from second group will fight second place team from first group. The results of these two battles will be the final, where the Semifinals of the "cross" pairs will meet in a battle for first and second place, and the losers in the battle for third place.

    Subgroup А # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4
    ? х - - -
    ? - х - -
    ? - - х -
    ? - - - х
    Subgroup В # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4
    ? х - - -
    ? - х - -
    ? - - х -
    ? - - - х
    Semifinal 1 # 1 # 2
    ? х -
    ? - х
    Semifinal 2 # 1 # 2
    ? х -
    ? - х
    For III place result
    ? -
    ? -
    Final result
    ? -
    ? -

    The prize fund.

    памятная медальThe prize fund of the tournament (to each member of the winning teams):
    1st place - 5,000,000 gold, 300 QP medal;
    2nd place - 3,000,000 gold, 200 QP medal;
    3rd place - 1,000,000 gold, 100 QP medal;
    Financial reward to all four team players,awardees of A and B subgroups - 2,000,000 gold additionaly to the prize fund.


    билет зрителяDuring the tournament spectators will be located at tournament special location and will be able to connect to battle channel with a command to see any of the current fights logs in real time using command \observe "1" where the number is the count of the Tournament arena from 1 to 4 ( any single move will stop a battle channel) . Spectators tickets can be bought at Arkijah Town Alchemist Shop since one day before the tournament. Ticket cost 1.000.000 gold. For spectators from EU, SU and UA servers after using preparing room ticket-teleport and setting Born there need to log off and order character transfer to RU server through «SETTINGS» section MISC on site. In some time a character will be transferred to RU server and be possible to log into the Tournament server using a login "character name".eu ( , and etc. ).

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