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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Dark Swords

Welcome to online RPG DarkSwords - multiplayer fantasy game!

Dark Swords is a free online role-playing game of new generation. The action takes place in a unique world which doesn't have analogues. DarkSwords combines the traditional role-playing system with innovative approach to the game process implementation, character development and social aspect. You can join the players from all parts of the world right now for free!


DarkSwords is now almost completely free to play - all personal items (creation, upgrades) are FREE
We need $83.00 per month for server hosting – help support your favorite game by purchasing Zenny. Only purchased Zenny will go towards this fund!

You can enjoy almost all benefits of DarkSwords for free – except for flowers, which need to be bought with purchased Zenny.
If you wish to purchase a flower, contact the admin via support service.

Happy hunting!

2016-07-24 Digest


1. Now buff spells not run out while "resting".
2. Drows in mass attack can cause additional effects of spells at TWO successful hits in a row and if target didn't resist the spell; But in racial ability we inserted 100% suppression - ignores «shield of faith» and «negate elements» skills of the opponent (works for mass magic);
3. For elves their racial ability will also ignore the tumble.
4. The damage of mental hit and ELF's sudden hit will be the 40% from relig, if cult lvl is less than 15. The 15 cults will give 50% damage from relig level.
That mean, if you have 100 relig lvl and 15 lvl Cult of Mental Hit, you mental hit damage will be 50 000. The same system for elves.
Chance to cast will stay the same and depends only on level of cults.
The orc's sudden hit stays the same and depends on their damage.

Your Administration

2016-07-19 Digest

Changes and fix:

1. We changed the level range in tournament, quests and religion. Now we have only 3 ranges:
1. 100-200
2. 201-375
3. 376-550

Times for tournaments also are changed, using \tourney command you will find at what time will start next tournament. Also tournament will end when everyone in tourney will die, so no needs to wait till tournament end.

2. We fixed protection in pve, so now it should to work right.

The changes start tomorrow after 18:00 by server time.
Your Administration

2016-07-10 Digest


1. From 11.07 morning reboot by players requests - the Flower pots for 2 hours will disappear from Zenny shop, if somo one have flowers in inventory - they will stay. Also now not possible to use MP and INT pots in the same time.
2. We will have new items in Platinum shop and Zenny shop. It is Fishing chests and Farming bags. Each of them will be in 3 sizes, the small size you can buy in Platinum shop, other two in Zenny shop.
Small Fishing chest - 1 fishing pole, 10 improved jigs, 1 horn of plenty
Medium Fishing chest - 1 fishing pole, 15 improved jigs, 2 horn of plenty
Large fishing chest - 1 fishing pole, 20 improved jigs, 3 horn of plenty

Small Farming bag - 1 mechanic mower, 20 seeds of each herbs, 100 irrigation water, 100 fertilizer potash, 100 saproel and 1 horn of plenty
Medium Farming bag - 1 mechanic mower, 40 seeds of each herbs, 200 irrigation water, 200 fertilizer potash, 200 fertilizer sapropel and 2 horn of plenty
Large Farming bag - 1 mechanic mower, 80 seeds of each herbs, 400 irrigation water, 400 fertilizer potash, 400 fertilizer sapropel and 3 horn of plenty

3. We changed the range time for ally sieges - now it is 12 hours.
Also we made a new command with which you can set the range for mob sieges, it is also 12 hours.
Command can be used 1 time in 24 hours and the command is \mobs_siege_time "time from which starts the range"

Your Administation

2016-07-01 Digest

Changes and fixies:

1. We fix and little bit change lotto work, it gives only 1 Godly Quintessence again. Also it doesn't give Divine Antiseptic and Vaccination, instead of this 2 pots, there is a chance to get 1 Santa Bag and 3 Tear of Artemis.
One more good news - you don't need to log off for 20 minutes to open lotto, just click on it twice and you will get your reward.
2. For this month Extended Inn is for free. So just activate it like before, but it won't take any platinum for that. The weight for Remove Cooldown was also changed, no more 120 weight :)
3. We finally fixed the spheres, so it is maximum 3 spheres at the same time.
All start after reboot, which we will have after quest and tournament.

Your Administration

2016-07-01 Digest

Thanks for being with us

We would like to thank all players of Darkswords for being with us. There has been a lot of changes lately and there are more to come. We want to thank you for your patience while we are working on improving the game.
Therefore all players who log in between server start at July 1 until serverstart on July 15 will receive a chest with goods.
This chest you can open in inventory, but make sure you have 15 free spots before you do so.
This chest will be given to all players above guild lvl 100 and registered before June 21 2016.
The chest and all pots in it are soulbound:
2 x Herbalisms pot
2 x Santa bag
5 x Pet energy potion
50 x Colossal Endurance
100 x Steel Body
100 x Frenzy
100 x Astral Carnival
150 x Sanctuary
15 x Returner
20 x Remove Cooldown
50 x Tranquilizer
30 x Antidote
2 x Horn of Plenty
30 x Ancient Amphora of Health
30 x Ancient Amphora of Mana

Your Administration

What is an MMORPG?

An MMORPG, otherwise known as a Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing game, in other words - Online RPG, is a genre of online computer role playing games (CRPG) where considerable amounts of players cooperate with each other in a virtual world (basically, in a fantasy setting). Like the majority of RPG's, the role of an invented hero is given a possibility to operate its actions by the player who created it. MMORPG's differ from one user and small network role playing games set by players in the virtual realm, which continues to exist whether you are logged on or not. The virtual world is supported by the publisher of game.

In the virtual world, players can carry out various actions that interact with one another. There are also characters in the game that are operated by the server called Non Player Characters (NPC's), that include hostile or aggressive monsters. These are called mobs. When a player is engaged in combat with the world's inhabitants and successfully destroys them, they are then rewarded with compensation and experience points. The player then can use their received experience points to perfect the skills and abilities of the hero by using the gold coins (the game currency and/or valuable items) that makes up the basis of the economy between the participants of the game. In many MMORPG's, players have the ability to form alliances in game with other members that have a variety of associations, such as guilds and/or clans which allow players to adhere to a certain policy in regards to other players' orginazations. With some games a player can either decide to remain neutral or choose the more chaotic and destructive path upon creating their characters and have the option to choose either or with their arrival into the realm - depending on a game's plot or by the players choice. There are other MMORPG's that require players to pay a fee to their publishers in order to get a users subscription and to obtain a copy of their game. Darkswords is a completely free MMORPG (Massive Multy-Player Online RPG) that can be downloaded and played without having to pay any hidden fees or subscriptions.

Players who like MUD (Multi-User Dimension) like DarkSwords too, because we are close to their favorite games.

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