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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Dark Swords

Welcome to online RPG DarkSwords - multiplayer fantasy game!

Dark Swords is a free online role-playing game of new generation. The action takes place in a unique world which doesn't have analogues. DarkSwords combines the traditional role-playing system with innovative approach to the game process implementation, character development and social aspect. You can join the players from all parts of the world right now for free!


DarkSwords is now almost completely free to play - all personal items (creation, upgrades) are FREE
We need $83.00 per month for server hosting – help support your favorite game by purchasing Zenny. Only purchased Zenny will go towards this fund!

You can enjoy almost all benefits of DarkSwords for free – except for flowers, which need to be bought with purchased Zenny.
If you wish to purchase a flower, contact the admin via support service.

Happy hunting!

2016-10-23 Digest

10th anniversary of DarkSwords

Start server reboot October 24
End: Server reboot November 6

For the 10th Anniversary of DS we have 2 weeks full of events and bonuses.
For all event players get points, at the end of 2 weeks the player with the most points will get the main prize of this event:


What do you need to do to win this pet?
Participate in as many events as you want, for all events in which you participate you will get points, these will be calculated automatically.
After serverstart of Monday October 24th, all players will receive a birthday card in their inventory. Try to collect as many as possible of them because they count as points for main prize.

Party Pokemons
No party without guests, and we have some special guests for our 10th Anniversary, THE POKEMONS.
Twice a day 5 pokemons will spawn at random locations on mainland. This will be at 10 am servertime right after reboot and 10 pm servertime, and they brought some very nice gifts with them. Who doesnt want to get 500 plat from a Pokemon, we bet you want!! So go find our little friends and enjoy your reward. But watch out, they like to trick as well!!!!
All Party Pokemons will give you a birthday card!! And a point for the pet.

No party without balloons
During this 2 weeks the mice in Arkijah Town, Ruby Fort and Seastone Town will drop balloons in 5 different colours, collect as many as you can, and exchange 100 balloons of 1 colour for great prizes in the holidayshop in Arkijah town. And of course a point for the pet.

This time we even have 2 kind of lotto.
For one lotto the tickets can only be bought with Zenny, the other lotto can be bought with gold.
Zenny lotto is available in Zenny for 12 zenny each and you can get this prizes:
  • Religion reset(1)
  • Guild reset(1)
  • Curse of greed(1)
  • Potion of Divine Reward(10)
  • Potion of Divine Encouragement(10)
  • Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy(10)
  • Elixir of Devine Generosity(10)
  • Potion of Divine Permanence (10)
  • Ares Victim(3)
  • Pet Energy Potion(1)
  • Horn of Plenty(3)
  • Racial ability to choose(5)
  • Removal of cooldown, exhaustion to choose(4)
  • Teleport to choose(2)
  • Potion of Hopeless Love/Secret Spell(10)
  • Woodoo doll(3)
  • Potion of Devine Intervention(10)
  • Snack for Familiar(3)
  • Godly Quintessence +25(1)
  • Deportation to choose (5)
  • Bronze Cup(1)
  • Flower Chest(1) - Allows you to choose one of six types of 2 hour flowers.

Gold lotto in the Alchemist Shops for 2.4m each and you can get:
  • Insurance contract(1)
  • Indulgence(1)
  • Curse of greed(1)
  • Potion of Divine Reward(10)
  • Potion of Divine Encouragement(10)
  • Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy(10)
  • Elixir of Devine Generosity(10)
  • Road Home(5)
  • Ares Victim(3)
  • Blacksmith Oil(1)
  • Horn of Plenty(3)
  • Racial ability to choose(5)
  • Removal of cooldown, exhaustion to choose(4)
  • Teleport to choose(2)
  • Potion of Hopeless Love/Secret Spell(10)
  • Woodoo doll(2)
  • Potion of Devine Intervention(10)
  • Snack for Familiar(3)
  • Godly Quintessence +25(1)
  • Elixir of Devine Empathy(10)
Every bought lotto ticket gives 1 point for the pet

Hide and Seek
Always wanted to catch a Moose? It is possible during this 10th Anniversary
Sunday october 30th at 5 am servertime
Sunday november 6th at 5 pm servertime
At these times you can go on Moose hunt, Meet up in Ark 15 minutes in advance and the one and only Moose will explain all to you. Great rewards are guaranteed!! And all participants get points for the pet

Anniversary quiz
During the anniversary event we will have quizzes as well, done by the inspiring Quiz Master of DS, dates and times will be announced as soon as possible.
Each first right answer gives plat and a point for the pet, all others who give right answer will get a point for the pet

10 years of darkswords must give loads of stories, so grab your pen ehh keyboard and tell us your most memorable moments in DS in this topic on forum or share it on facebook, send it in ticket or send it on skype. We collect all stories and main admin Crasotkavika will pick the 3 she likes most. Again a nice reward for the winners and all participants get a point for the pet.
Forum topic you can find HERE

3v3 pvp tournament
During the last weekend of the Anniversary Event we will have a 3v3 pvp tournament, more information about this event will be announced as soon as possible.

During the whole event there will be daily bonuses, they will be activated as soon as possible after server reboot. A list of bonuses can be found HERE
During the whole event there will be no durability loose in pvp and pve, and also there will be no religion xp loose in case of death of a player.

Also this 2 weeks players can set their hometown in Principal's Office. Contact Tib in game if you want to be born there.

Info in Russian can be found HERE

Your Administration.

2016-10-04 Digest


October 5th is the official 10 th Anniversary day of DS. Later we will celebrate this during 2 weeks full of events, but on this one special day, there will be 2x GOLD, starting at server reboot october 5th till server reboot october 6th.

Your Administration

2016-10-04 Digest


Today october 4th it is world animal day, and dont we all love our pets and want them to look special?
Today and tomorrow is your chance to order a pet avatar with 50% discount on techfee, so instead of 150 pt, pet avatar now cost 100 pt. This can be ordered till server reboot of october 6th

Your Administration

2016-09-30 Digest


From now on it is allowed to post youtube links in open chat as long as the videos aren't inappropriate. This means the following is not allowed:
Sexual content
Youtube links posted with this content will lead to a 24 hours mute and a visit to pen labor

Your Administration.

2016-09-28 Digest


First of all, thanks to everyone who applied on the dealer job. We made the choice for 2 new dealers - MONSTER and Goldieblood. They will be your FIRST contact for new gear orders and stat changes (this includes upgrades, downgrades and change weapon type), anything to do with images, shop- or clanorders please contact Tib or MrPresident.

Your Administration

What is an MMORPG?

An MMORPG, otherwise known as a Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing game, in other words - Online RPG, is a genre of online computer role playing games (CRPG) where considerable amounts of players cooperate with each other in a virtual world (basically, in a fantasy setting). Like the majority of RPG's, the role of an invented hero is given a possibility to operate its actions by the player who created it. MMORPG's differ from one user and small network role playing games set by players in the virtual realm, which continues to exist whether you are logged on or not. The virtual world is supported by the publisher of game.

In the virtual world, players can carry out various actions that interact with one another. There are also characters in the game that are operated by the server called Non Player Characters (NPC's), that include hostile or aggressive monsters. These are called mobs. When a player is engaged in combat with the world's inhabitants and successfully destroys them, they are then rewarded with compensation and experience points. The player then can use their received experience points to perfect the skills and abilities of the hero by using the gold coins (the game currency and/or valuable items) that makes up the basis of the economy between the participants of the game. In many MMORPG's, players have the ability to form alliances in game with other members that have a variety of associations, such as guilds and/or clans which allow players to adhere to a certain policy in regards to other players' orginazations. With some games a player can either decide to remain neutral or choose the more chaotic and destructive path upon creating their characters and have the option to choose either or with their arrival into the realm - depending on a game's plot or by the players choice. There are other MMORPG's that require players to pay a fee to their publishers in order to get a users subscription and to obtain a copy of their game. Darkswords is a completely free MMORPG (Massive Multy-Player Online RPG) that can be downloaded and played without having to pay any hidden fees or subscriptions.

Players who like MUD (Multi-User Dimension) like DarkSwords too, because we are close to their favorite games.

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