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Welcome to online RPG DarkSwords - multiplayer fantasy game!

Dark Swords is a free online role-playing game of new generation. The action takes place in a unique world which doesn't have analogues. DarkSwords combines the traditional role-playing system with innovative approach to the game process implementation, character development and social aspect. You can join the players from all parts of the world right now for free!


2014-08-29 Digest

Level cap increase

Rejoice, all high-level players!

We have increased the maximum level cap to 550. While it won't bring any major changes, we need your opinion on this. Please post your feedback here: link to forum post.

3x experience, 2x damage, and no durability loss in PVP/PVE is now active until server restart on 5 September.

Level 540 players should now be able to get to 541 and above.

If you have spent any items/potions to level up, please write a ticket and I will reimburse you these items.
Thanks, and happy grinding!

2014-07-30 Digest

Be a Spartan!

Sparta awaits its warriors! Be one of them now - tickets available in Arkijah, Seastone, and Ruby Fort Alchemists.

Happy hunting!

2014-07-25 Digest

Summer Fun Lottery

First-ever lotto for gold is now available! Get yours now, in Arkijah, Seastone, or Ruby Fort Alchemist.

Additionally, you do not need to wait until a certain date to receive your prize! Check out the lotto page for more info.

Good luck!

2014-07-08 Digest

Artifact upgrades

Artifact upgrades in 0.05 increments are now available!
This means that you can order an upgrade from 0.4 to 0.45, for example.

2014-07-08 Digest

Bulletin boards

We've resolved the issue with bulletin boards, and introduced a new Bulletin Board in City in Clouds.
When you take a mission from Bulletin Board in CiC, you will be tasked with killing monsters from Sky Frontier. Available for level 540 only

Players level 540 can now complete Bulletin Board quests in: Reign of Hades, Tartarus, Altar of Ares, and Sky Frontier.

Happy hunting!

What is an MMORPG?

An MMORPG, otherwise known as a Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing game, in other words - Online RPG, is a genre of online computer role playing games (CRPG) where considerable amounts of players cooperate with each other in a virtual world (basically, in a fantasy setting). Like the majority of RPG's, the role of an invented hero is given a possibility to operate its actions by the player who created it. MMORPG's differ from one user and small network role playing games set by players in the virtual realm, which continues to exist whether you are logged on or not. The virtual world is supported by the publisher of game.

In the virtual world, players can carry out various actions that interact with one another. There are also characters in the game that are operated by the server called Non Player Characters (NPC's), that include hostile or aggressive monsters. These are called mobs. When a player is engaged in combat with the world's inhabitants and successfully destroys them, they are then rewarded with compensation and experience points. The player then can use their received experience points to perfect the skills and abilities of the hero by using the gold coins (the game currency and/or valuable items) that makes up the basis of the economy between the participants of the game. In many MMORPG's, players have the ability to form alliances in game with other members that have a variety of associations, such as guilds and/or clans which allow players to adhere to a certain policy in regards to other players' orginazations. With some games a player can either decide to remain neutral or choose the more chaotic and destructive path upon creating their characters and have the option to choose either or with their arrival into the realm - depending on a game's plot or by the players choice. There are other MMORPG's that require players to pay a fee to their publishers in order to get a users subscription and to obtain a copy of their game. Darkswords is a completely free MMORPG (Massive Multy-Player Online RPG) that can be downloaded and played without having to pay any hidden fees or subscriptions.

Players who like MUD (Multi-User Dimension) like DarkSwords too, because we are close to their favorite games.

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