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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : March Eight

Happy International women’s day to all our ladies. You are the most wonderful, charming, beautiful, lovely, mysterious – simply the best! With this holiday, along with Spring festivities, we offer you to participate in the holiday event ”March Eight”.


From 5 to 14 of March in Arkijah Town around the location “Stairway to Heaven” (image with the star) you will find 8 March cats that will need your help! Each of the cats will have a quest, and upon completing this quest the character will receive the according amulet. All quests can be completed an infinite amount of times. Based on the amount of amulets collected, there will be 8 ratings. Ratings are established according to the amount of amulets. You do not have to complete all the quests from all cats.

Brute Cat ("Spring Fights")

Brute cat is asking for your help to get rid of competition from his lands, and as a proof bring him a few tails of wandering cats. In return, you will get the Brute Cat's Collar.

Cat Abigore ("Spring Magic")

Cat Abigore asked you to help his owner to experience the feeling of love. You need to brew the Spring potion, according to the recipe given by Abigore. In return, you will recieve the Abigore's Amulet.

Cat Jean-Pierre ("Spring Bouquet")

Cat Jean-Pierre asks to help you gather a bouquet of Narcissus flowers for his loved one. You can find the Narcissus in regions where herbs grow. In return the cat will give you "Jean-Pierre's Amulet".

Cat Rico ("Wonderpotion")

Cat Rico is asking you to bring him some valerian herb. Rico will give you seeds and a sickle to gather the herbs. In return you will recieve "Rico's Amulet".

Cat Tomas ("Hungry Tomas")

Cat Tomas is asking you to gather some fish bones. Tomas will give you an aquarium with hungry piranhas (that works the same as "Crucible Furnace"), in which all items turn into bones. In return you will get Cat Tomas' Amulet.

Meow Cat ("All I need is fish...")

Meow Cat is asking you to fish him some fish. He will give you his fishing rod. In return, you will get "Meow Cat's Amulet".

Showoff ("Only the best")

Showoff Cat is asking you to get some Elite Cat Food for him. It can be bought in artifact alchemy store. In return you will get the "Showoff's Amulet.

Fluffy ("Fluffy is the Best!")

Cat Fluffy is asking you to bring him one amulet from each othe the March cats. Seven amulets he will trade for Flyffy's Amulet.


Ratings will be published after the event ends, and after this the amulets will be deleted. Characters that take first places in the ratings, will receive the according Elixirs of Cat Summoning. The cat will server and help their master for 30 days by using the special abilities:

  • 5% Chance to not lose items upon character's death;
  • 5% Chance to resurrect in battle on the same spot, in the same group, with full health and all effects that the character had;
  • 5% teleportation upon death in battle (in the same region);
  • Has a chance to use "Disbalance" effect on the enemy which decreases the target's armor;
  • Has a chance to use "Blindness" effect that decreases the chance to hit and chance to cast;
  • Has a chance to use "Death grip" effect that decreaes all resistances.

Ticket System
Artifact Restore
Reset Utility

23% 25% 25% 27%

Elements of Darkness
Victorias Secret
Black Tears
Team Kakashi

1) Starlighter - 1939
2) ActionPrime - 1312
3) TOR - 637

Fishers Seaside
21:01 12/18
Cows Farm
15:31 12/18
11:36 12/18

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